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Into the systems. That are they're they're real the racism is real. I do not deny that. But what I am denying is that the the idea here that what we need to do is, you know, become, you know, switch everything, and, you know, let the people of color oppress the whites that's not that's not the answer. That's hatred. I think we need to follow the example of Desmond Tutu the example of Nelson Mandela the example of Martin Luther King junior. We need to follow the example of men of highest caliber, you know, we need to follow Michelle Obama's dictate when they go low. Oh, we go. Hi, because we need to be people of character. That's what's important. We need to stand for the truth. We need to stand for equality of opportunity. And we need to stand for. The love and goodwill towards all human beings and the environment and the animals, so I'm gonna go ahead and leave it there. So there's so much more that I could say, but I have pretty much run out of time. So if you have any comments or questions, please Email me at Jay at Jane Elson force dot com. Visit my website. Jay, Nelson force dot com. Subscribe to the podcast, you can do that on Stitcher itunes, or the feed is on the website. Any of those are great options. You can also comment on this episode. And I look forward to hearing from you and until next time may wisdom guide your steps on the path of awakening.

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