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That i'm not going to go down that rabbit holes through now but i want to address the ideas themselves if you have plenty of three hundred thirty five million people who don't share common values what is that country not break apart this is something the west never thinks about even is it encourages massive immigration into country people don't agree with people who live here the fine print with american culture with patriotism second what is the ultimate i don't believe that the only people who were the of the american rabin in western civilisation are christian but nobody's hewing now and and nobody say in that god tucker sin tucker sohn i love that tucker that did you hear the lady colon carlton or i go along with the show carlton withdrawn tucker and curled them wrote was bike cannabis and anderson averse and abyss abbas about you anna an abyss would be anger towards cannibus i love it or it would be darth vader's hippie pot smoking son and events skywalker go code animus bureau schroeck pot or do not smoke pot there is no try was that good though is not quite door of care of the planet cannibus folks we've been talking about marijuana all day not steigman thomas deichmann our manager at cbi media said they're going to replay this show several times today because they're working on some electron ico equipment so this is going to be are going to be like oh my god energy cannabis artificial intelligence dolls for sex the cannabis and they're going to be like we love the show in rick miller kim particularly in eddie in alley and all the people would call then so if you didn't call him boohoo one you were going to replay the show like three times today hannity i like this is what comes the has in store i'm sitting as vehicle endless and i'm in a lesson i won't do it in the garage don't wanna have like a tower or just run your battery done you don't need to run it okay online at your truck for the way i like it the only thing is that what it used and there was one little piece of damage on the back and i've got and that was me then i know we're going to get it.

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