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Member twenty second nineteen sixty three John F. Kennedy the president of the United States was gunned down in Dallas ever since then the controversy has continued I remember that day I was thirteen years old I remember seen Walter Cronkite on CBS news Dallas Texas the flash apparently official president Kennedy died at one PM central standard time two o'clock eastern standard time some thirty eight minutes ago vice president Lyndon Johnson has left the hospital and Dallas but we do not know to where he has proceeded presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and become the thirty sixth president of the United States is an amazing moment a tragic moment a moment that this country still has not recuperated from at all many theories of course about the death of JFK the conspiracies as a matter of fact the I've recently come back from an office wall conference in New Orleans where we talked about that situation and so many people believing that Oswald was simply what he said he was a Patsy something else has been going on in a moment Richard Belser joins us his book hit list and in depth investigation of the mysterious deaths of witnesses to the JFK assassination what will that tell you he's next with us on coast to coast AM.

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