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One death breath and dying to breast cancer and all cancer three flying. Whenever I fly I always always sit next to my son. And so far. He's okay with that. But if there's any kind of turbulence or I start to get a little bit white knuckled he just sort of looks over smiles just a just just a grin for that. I'm messing up. My kid in my birth father's black was black. Lucky died in two thousand ten and I met him When I was probably twenty two or twenty three and so we had a brief relationship and It got very intense very quickly for me and I needed to do my life and when I was ready to reconnect after I had a son he died. It's a regret that I live with We were each other's soul black relatives. You know that that we had In the world and we needed each other in a very very In a in a very visceral sense and he to me I thought him coming into my life would be a lot easier and it felt I panicked. I didn't know how to suddenly be his daughter and I have to. I have have to have to be very mindful to not overcompensate the other day We were talking about because now we're looking at high schools and what's really important for me. And I think should be important for any parent regardless of race and ethnicity that they have teachers and role models of color and my son said was. Why do I need to have necessarily all black and people of Color as role models. I said well because if you have have only white role models you'll grow up thinking that the best thing to do and be is white and and he said but I see a lot of you know role models models of color and I said name three and he said our friend a miss our friend Karen and you and the next day I said to my husband I said. I don't think I realized that I'm enough for my son. Five being able to feel the feeling of missing people. I love after I die. Six nuclear war just mushroom and everybody's gone seven seven masses of moving insects eight. The Ocean nine the dentist ten losing my mind. Did you ever see that movie phenomenon on with John Travolta in curious. Edrich in which he just starts to get more and more brilliant every day like he can. He can suddenly solve the Rubik's cube. And you know right operas. And it is revealed that the reason he becomes brilliant more and more every day as because he's dying so. I also think about that that oh I mean I feel like I'm getting more only because my mind's about ought to fact my name is Rebecca Carol and these are tempings that's coming. Rebecca Carroll is cultural critic and editor of special projects at WNYC radio. She told us that she met her husband on a subway platform in Brooklyn while he was on his way to a conference on race and social policy and a year later you. He proposed to her on that same platform. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl. Daniel game at Odell Reuben. Dan Sarah Sandbox.

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