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It. She accidentally manifested Jeffrey Dahmer's Netflix series. Oh my gosh, she put it out there. The Ryan Murphy serial killer cinematic universe that's coming. I guess maybe I'll offend mine to make a difference from Madison's. Just right, maybe Ryan Murphy needs to stop. Actually, I want his ass in a room recording a glee tell all or nothing at all. I mean, also back to the serial killers, I watched the new season of American Horror Story. Yeah. Terrible, so bad. It's just about gay men dying. So like, please stop. I call it. I called it scary pose. It was like if they made this scary. But they were like, it was all a metaphor. Not scary pose. A scary figure looming and it was a it's just like exactly like we already did and makes everyone really sad and they did it. No, I think that's fair. Serial killer content, I'd say this is a girly who grew up watching Criminal Minds. Fictional serial killer content feels somewhat different to me. It's fine. Justifying myself. But we need to stop talking about true crime. 80% of true crime is not well done. And the 20% that is should make you come away feeling poorly. Like you should not come away from true crime, being like my new favorite murder, you should come away from true car and being like, wow, the criminal justice system is terrible, and I'm so sorry. For those people's families. You should not be happy at the end of anything true crime related. The only true crime that I really do enjoy is like scammers. You know what I mean? I do too. It's true. It's for deeming value in that though. Like you do. Don't go to Morocco with your random friend who you don't know anything about. And don't let her borrow your credit card to buy much of stuff. Also, no one dies at the end. And that feels easier to swallow. Right. Right. I'm like, no one. Yeah, no one did die. Yeah. No. As far as I know. I know. I'm like, did anyone die in the anecdote story? No. Can confirm. I don't know. 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What happened to him? She's putting Friends, family and some of the dopest experts in the hot seat. To ask them the real questions we want to know. Like, is only fans only bad? How is dating changed in the digital age? Where would former child stars be if they weren't actors? These are the questions running through Kiki's mind, and she's letting us in on it all. Because on baby, this is geeky Palmer, no topic is off limits. Listen to baby, this will keep you palm or exclusively on Amazon music. Download the Amazon music app now. Hi y'all, I hope you're enjoying today's show. This is your first time listening to ICI my then welcome. I'm so thrilled to have you here in case you missed it. Our show comes out twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so make sure you never miss an episode like this past Wednesdays, which was a mailbag episode where we answered the question of what exactly a keb sexual is. Honestly, I'm not really sure at this point either. But you should definitely check it out. And I'm back with Kelsey and Moises and we are talking about the things that we hate. So my third thing in my countdown is it's slightly more serious in that I actually physically wanted to stop. Is that thing where someone describes and by someone I mean a non black person describes an AVE term as Internet language that needs to be stopped because it's annoying and overused. I most recently saw this with the word unserious. Someone was just like unserious as the new annoying Twitter language and we all need to stop using it. And it's like, on some level, you're right, it is overused and misused by non black people, but also shut the fuck up. Like, you did this. This is your problem. Exactly. You overuse the word that you didn't understand, and now we are all stuck here hearing all these bitches say unserious and purr when we don't need that. That's not our fault. That is not my fault as a black person. Like collect your people before you start saying, we're not using this word anymore. The fear of being cringe is really so powerful. People really need to be more afraid of it because if you're afraid to use a word that you've heard before, you're not sure what it means. Don't. Just don't. You don't. That's fine. Nobody's gonna be mad at you. Actually, we're gonna respect

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