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Good morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow and S&P futures are little change this morning we're coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street every check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures again little change so are down futures NASDAQ futures moving lower down 42 now The Dax in Germany is up half percent Ten year treasury up one 32nd yield 1.64% They yield on the two year .76% 9 X squared oil is down a tenth of a percent or 7 cents at 76.93 of barrel Is up to 10% or $4 20 cents at 1818 80 announced Nathan All right Karen thanks Let's begin with markets in the Asia Pacific this morning Stocks in the region tumbled overnight as tech shares in Hong Kong came under pressure The hang seng finished down 1.6% Bloomberg's Juliet Sally has the recap from Sydney Good morning Juliet Good morning Nathan and Karen and index of Texas in Hong Kong fell to its lowest since inception in July 2020 as firms backed by Tencent came under pressure as it paired investment in the sector for the second time in as many weeks This amid Beijing's regulatory crackdown South Korea and China also dropped along with U.S. futures Japan edge tire is the yen remain near a 5 year low against the dollar and shares in China Huawei slumped as much as 54% in Hong Kong as a 9 month trading suspension was lifted following a $6.6 billion state orchestrated bailout of the troubled bad asset manager In Singapore Juliet Sally Bloomberg daybreak All right Julia thank you We now turn our attention to the pandemic and the controversy over new CDC guidelines on isolation for COVID patients The agency says it will stick with its rules and nicks the idea of a negative test before coming out of isolation Bloomberg said Baxter has the story It has rebuffed extra test It says the new guidance is based on the science of when people are most likely to transmit the omicron variant It says highest around one day before symptom onset and declines within a week of symptom onset It also says it took the efficacy of vaccines and boosters into account as well as mental health considerations and the likelihood of people adhering to stricter measures as it crafted that recommendation In San Francisco I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right thank you The current COVID surge is not a crisis That's according to the CEO of New York State's largest healthcare provider northwell CEO Michael Dowling says the healthcare system will be able to manage the omicron surge I think that all the next two to three weeks we will see a drop off on this It's not as crazy as you would think when you listen to a lot of the media When I go home at night I think I'm in a disaster yet I'm working on it every day I think we can manage win deal with this Northwest CEO Michael Dowling tells us the overwhelming number of people sick and in intensive care are unvaccinated Well Nathan when it comes to the prospect of using a fourth vaccine dose there's encouraging news this morning out of Israel Here's prime minister Naftali Bennett.

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