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Speaking with cold speaking of cold and heartless let's talk about aermacchi was weird at this union and she claims she migraine i actually believe her but what's going on there's also a lot of immersion are coming back but i haven't already that she is you what's your is it inside stores sick of very legitimate source that i can't say on this but i'll tell you after because everyone came out today that she was quitting like she was done everything like that was that was it that was what it was going to be you know i mean erica jane is cold i mean her whole opening wine is about being cold i call it diamond ice cold i mean that is your stick she's kind of i don't want to say she shitty to everyone because i'd actually don't viewers shitty not warm her number one i love her and she's been nothing but sweet to me i've met her daughter she has given me everything and like total sas respect i respect her i think like it's really hard eventually when you realize not like a first season it's really easy to open up your life and say like okay i'm gonna do this but then when you get a million fucking people either telling you your your fat your piece of shit this or you're that close off its and you're more off than ever before and she has a son and she's super sensitive about that and so we think for her it's just better to put up all the walls and like you have all your cards away so if she were not to come back which would be a travesty amongst trust his travesties yeah who is the final say like is it like any just decides and that's a bunch of people who get to decide and what are the factors houses are always talking about the q scores yeah which is like a statistical thing uninspected scores one hundred or whatever yeah i mean i i've and is not the only executive producer all bravo it's a production company but i think if none of the women really wanna be around you you're not going to be a good show like it really is about mingling it's mingling in between.

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