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Go park your car massive Square Garden. Get on a train go over there. Yes. That sounds awesome drive into the city. Get on a train out of the city. Get back on a train into the city. Oh, bob. You really wanna show commitment to the show? Like you did prior to the announcement that GIO got the job. Then I would say yes, that's what you should. Right. F you? Boomer and geo weekdays six to ten AM on the fan sports radio. One one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York. At five forty. I'm Harris Allen the Knicks exactly halfway through their season. Their record dropped to ten and thirty one last night as they fell to the warriors won twenty two ninety five Klay Thompson made seven threes on his way to forty three points. Golden State halting a three game home skid Scott nineteen from our Zonja. They dropped five on his six game road trip. And I've lost fifteen of their last seventeen overall. The nets were off tonight there at home against Atlanta. We have it on the fan at seven fifteen. The Rangers lost their fourth in a row for two to the Golden Knights out in Vegas a three nothing deficit after two periods. Too much to overcome because advantage added. Yes. The lamp in the third to no avail, David Quinn's. Blue shirts will host the islanders tomorrow. You don't tell me play a rival, it certainly gives a little a little bit more juice. But we're certainly focusing on the fact that we've got to get out of this rut that we're in and took a step forward tonight. Certainly not the result we wanted. But I thought our play was geared in the right direction. And we just got to build off that and if we can build on what we did tonight. We'll have a much better chance to win Thursday. Alex, cure kicked out twenty-seven shots in defeat. Those had their six game winning streak ended by the hurricanes. Four three at the Coliseum. Justin Williams, broke a two two tie with under three minutes left came out of the penalty box and took advantage of a bad change to.

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