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This week, and the place not to be is near exit 1 16 on the parkway with more on that another problems. New Jersey Fast traffic. Last time around, I saw South bound, lays on the turnpike heading down to interchange 12. It was in the inner roadway, but it looks like that's all leased out. So whatever it was appears to be gone, I still don't see any construction out there. So the main lot of the turnpike pretty good shape for your Saturday evening ride. Now, If you're heading down the Western spur, they just cleared away a crash of the offering to 15 East. So both Spurs looked pretty good right now, too, But I've got an update for you in Clifton. At last check. They had a crash investigation, working on Route three just to write lines were blocked. But now It looks like a full closure on eastbound three from broad Street back down to the parkway for that same crash investigation. So traffic's gonna be detoured in the area, looking at a lot of tough traffic, too. Right back to the split with route 46. So if you're heading out to the parkway and Clifton definitely wanna try route 46 is an alternate option. Crossings. Not too bad this evening at the Hudson. I still spot no construction. Now, with the Delabar crossings. There is roadwork at the Ben Franklin. Traffic a little bit slow getting up on the span three right lanes or shut down. That goes till Monday morning. And I do see some slowdowns athlete to Coney. Paul Meyer a bridge too, so just a slight delay right now, leaving the state This report sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk driving for victims of drunk and drugged driving. Your grief is unique. But you're not alone. Always have a place that mad called the 24 Hour victim. Help line 877 Man, help or visit mad dot organ. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 10 48. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey when a 1.5 jersey all the time you're well appreciated in this state, New Jersey one on 1.5 covered cases are breaking records every day, and it's only going to get worse. But at the end of this month, emergency.

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