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With Thomas pope integrity radio joined by Bill Lyle from atlas cinemas Hello Bill. Good morning, John. How are you? Good. Good morning. Thomas. Great. Middle slow this week because of the snow near fifty two percent of the United States is under snow right now. Wacky numbers. That hurt the business at the box office is a human analytic Bill. Even though we had all this snow grass still did with a top movie at forty million dollars at the box office. It did what split dead. So we thought it was slow but overall draft did forty million dollars. So that was good. For the movie theaters. Are we shouli if a witness snowed? It could had gone sixty seventy million dollars. So. I don't know if it has legs to do it again next week. I don't think so I haven't heard a lot of good things about it. So we'll see how it goes. Second top movie, the upside. Kevin hart. Fifteen million dollars aquaman still doing very well. At day in third place at ten million dollars. It's up to three hundred four million dollars domestic at the box office, the movie that I was hoping we would get, but we didn't since we're a small chain locally owned theater. Dragon ball forgot about it did a lot of business even though. Nine point seven million dollars. Doesn't seem a lot. But it was only on twelve hundred screens. Yes, it would have been on thirty eight hundred screens like glass, it did a lot more business. But they only would give it to the larger franchise. Companies. They would not give it to atlas theaters. I saw a trailer for a anime TV show yesterday. Just a commercial for it those things give me headaches. Watching those things which one was it. I don't know. It was I just know. It was Japanese anime was some TV show and for thirty seconds. I felt like I was evident epileptic cheese. Oh my God. I can't even breathe after this those I cannot watch say my life a lot of people like, I know they love it. And that's the thing. I could never get into it. Because I pass out. That's my story. Spiderman into the spider verse come in fifth place at seven point five billion dollars dogged way home come in six. At seven point one million dollars. That's the one I was interested in dogs way home. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause I I wanted to see because it was actually a feel good story. It was almost like incredible journey. Remember that basic like credible journey. Yes. So I'm still might go. See that. But it did did very well did very well at the atlas theatres yesterday with our customer appreciation day six dollars, man. They really came in yesterday. In seventh place escape room did five point six million dollars. Mary Poppins returns to hanging in their place at five point two million dollars. Bumblebee still in ninth place in the top ten at four point seven million dollars in the roundout the top ten on the basis of sex. Yeah. Thank you. They.

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