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I think that was one of the downsides of the runningback tour agreed with their decision to do it especially given the weird off season the pandemic year everything that went into it. Oh that's a great point to you. It was all of that stuff that went into the decision to go with the running back to her. But one of the downsides of that is you. just don't have those new guys that haven't experienced that before like that ride. It had already been done for all of those dudes for the most part this year. You've got a lot of guys that have never been a part of something like this. I mean you look. You don't have to look any further than the offense of wine. It's a completely revamped unit. Those jews are going to be hugely motivated to be a part of something special this season so i just i think there's a lot of different reasons to believe that this is going to be a little different regular season. Wise now sort of us were to god. They fell asleep. I saw people with pillows against the carolina panthers especially in the half. I felt like they fell asleep. I said it all year last year. I don't think we saw them. Give a damn about a game. Like truly aside from that. Second raiders game. Maybe the ravens early in the season the ravens game to su super rubel point on monday night football that one and the the second raiders game because they lost the first time sunday night football. I don't think they gave a damn about any other game in the regular season. Like i don't think they cared until they got to the playoffs and then people were starting to say. All the chiefs had been neo. Getting in these close games chiefs had been playing lazy. Like they're gonna get tripped up by one of these playoff teams and they're like all right. We'll turn it on like that's just a credit to how talented they were before. The offensive line really fell apart last year that they were literally sleepwalking. Through the entire regular season and the end they only lost what two games and one of them was a week off where they lost to the chargers. So they're that good cited they are. They are you're right. they slipped. Walk also i think context matters but his point about the offensive line. Yeah like those guys are gonna be hungry. Those guys also are trying to be the reason that they don't win so so those guys are gonna to are like we got to be a top five offensive line like we gotta we gotta be completely locked down for this do because we got to go win a ring and they got. They got plenty of resources to that offensive line that they've laid forth for that all right before we get here. Congratulations to the milwaukee bucks as they win a championship for the first time in forty nine years and i just i just wanna pose this to you all jaanus. Whatever his last name is into the cuco. Whatever that is is pretty sure. That's why he went to chick-fil-a and ordered fifty of the mini chicken sandwiches. How is there real quick seriously. Is there any chance you believe. He could do that by himself. Because his or was the fifty and the drink like the nuggets. No no no. So you gotta go back. He changed it to the chicken. I don't think he knew exactly what he was ordering a chick-fil-a like he switched chicken. Minis i'm not sure he knew he was getting exactly. You can order big trace certa. I think you're wrong. He specifically said no. I mean the many's he says it specifically nope the minis not forty nine fifty. One i can. I could do it. have you ever been. Have you ever been really really hung over on a saturday and you wake up too early. And so you decide to go to a chick-fil-a breakfast. It doesn't matter if it's six. Am it's nine or ten. Am lines line's always around the corner. And so you know you. Maybe you order on the app or somebody comes over with an ipad and they order ahead of time you get spicy chicken breakfast burrito get excited chicken minnie's to eat on the ride home. That's the way you chick-fil-a breakfast. Not a of oddest. Could even if i were talking about a dude who's six seven two hundred and fifty pounds. He probably doesn't splurge on chick-fil-a every every now and then like i have seven foot to forty two to be exact six seven. He made them over and he was like six six seven. Six eight six eight whatever. But he's seven foot to forty to listen. I'm sorry. I don't even think he can get fifty. It's the bread. The amount of bread with that butternut sounds amazing. Just think if he gets to thirty he's got twenty more to go and if he's like music from seems things though no not with a bread sorta. It's by it's one bite. Janas could sort of three those things in his mouth ones. it's fifty of them also hands his hands calorie. His hands are so big his hands are so big he could fit ten of those things in his hand at once. And just kyle valerie's he'll run off. I'm sorry fifty. Listen i know. I've lost one hundred thirteen pounds. And i'm gonna tell you right. Now in my heyday. Fifty of the of the mini sandwiches. With the bread. I could do. I have had fights with the twenty negative. Mcdonald's i know fifty with the bread. There's no way honest. Diana lose some weight myself but i can. I can put down chick-fil-a. I think he can put down fifty those you tell her. I don't even know if you could get to fifteen outlets with you. I totally agree with you. Now can do fifteen piece mcnuggets. I i can do twenty five to thirty sure. you're telling you the dugout. It's ron's right on this. It's the bread twenty to thirty. No chance no pay for for you to do it. I'll pay what's his name. Who's do their windsor hotdog. Bet dude he can do it for sure he can. Joey chestnut joey chestnut twenty five to thirty. Get me real hungover on saturday morning. I'll put down thirty years thing. Inbred on every one of them is two bites. Put it in chewed up twice a swap mash. I think you sweat at seventeen. I think at seventeen you start sweat. There's no way he gets fifteen wrong. No no chance. You don't think it gets fifteen. No chance no chance fifteen fifteen. I think you're underestimating. How gross. I can be when it comes to. I don't but man. I i'll give you a seventy four orders each four. I think if you've got to twenty one or twenty two it'd be purely off of adrenaline and trying to prove he gets a ten and you feel like he goes up guarantee. I bet you be though he gets to. There's a number very early that he gets to where he goes. There is no way i am. I'm telling you. I have on more than one occasion. Ben very hung over on a saturday morning. Driven to a chick-fil-a at seven am got a spicy chicken breakfast brita which those are pretty nice size breakfast burritos and a four piece chicken mini on the side to eat on the drive home. You're an idiot. You're an idiot certa. that's not meals. We're talking about like fifty of them. That's not even close. I said i can do twenty five thirty. I don't think i could do fifty. I can't do.

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