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St charles tweet from tomorrow night tickets available at their website frank vincent i i knew the frank was a terrific actor obviously in good fell as a casino unders time was franco's he started his career as a musician to uh wizards joe perry she frank was on drums and joe pest she was a good tara just go past years is up stroke uh user should retire player but little known fact about him these two guys i even though i haven't heard anything from them now bill russell upending the tapes or in the releases from the late '60s and '70s and apparently all look like they all kind of addressing it looks like torn tony orlando from those days but i know that there is a horrible luck but i know free vincent was a terrific drummer i did not realize pens she was a good player about that yeah i found that out uh accurate golf tournament we really north carolina you have eight this story and i haven't heard any of this stuff either but it but when i perked with people he he worked you also the the guy is he lied under bush will uh and i i would like to hear and play at some point you know as an actor of course you're movie roles are 'extraordinary my motherinlaw i referenced her at the beginning of our conversation dennis quaid that she loves you as a golfer and has seen you but also she loves this show you did fortitude which has is a film than in iceland earn set nice loan or what this is something is kind of a niche tv show that you have to look for but apparently she loves you in the show as.

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