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Tallest man made media gear may crews all the way in Brazil. You did the last spot island trip I'm doing this fight island job. I'm still in Abu Dhabi. House live. Cash, that. I cared see I do not doubt that it is about six thousand degrees over here. My phone is already the overheated twice second time. It overheated my sim. Card Fried now. I without a SIM card all the way in. and. I can't get a new one delivered because we can't get mail for the next three weeks but. Regardless, we want to hear from the people. Casey. You know the drill if anyone wants asks questions, they can ask on twitter. Asks on the site, they can leave the youtube comments. Of course, Casey's monitoring for fun questions anything and everything is up for debate. Casey, what is our first question? Just seeing if I'm focus. Hopefully. I can read these this time. I got some reading excellent Abu Dhabi Wifi. That's true. Reading is over I don't get. I don't get. That's just lovely narrate narrations. She reads our here we go. First question. First question hopefully, I read this, what do you think from Terence? Leverett on twitter follow mispronounced your name. What do you think of the idea of people using submission underground as a way for a cross promotional match or match between a champion and contended for example, rose or beaver has hams at. If you it would help build future fights to I think he's as well as tag the side so. What do you both think possible cross promotion fights or is it fights? And submission underground Chelsea submission only. Promotion, which is still holding events in the middle of the pandemic guy. He's been holding events, all the pandemic star what do you like the idea of these either egg cross promotional fights or matchups between way classes that we won't get to see actually inside the octagon. Yeah I love that. I HAVE NOT TSA submission for years before focused on on on an here I am a fighting and I I. Love. When you've got A. Big veteran. Fight each other and submission events. I don't know how much that helps. Like let's say Michael Chander Waning Bator fights. Some awfully obscene submits him. How much does this that goes up India Mate World As a as a fan, I had to see that so I'm always in. Case what do you think you've covered all array of martial arts day you actually train you know a lot of fires belts, wine in rise in PF L. All these time. What do you make? What do do you like the idea of cross promotional matches or even matches between classes to build fighters in the USA or any promotions matter of fact yeah, I won't out I would. After. Z. Destroyed. Kosta in. Of course if it was possible. Yeah. In a couple of weeks I would love to see is he versus Kosta in a submission match why not I? Mean? This is just this is ridiculous. Fund is completely different sport and Yeah just and let all of the sea like mismatches to like Like to see. Who is like a like a grab I'd say like Holly Home. Versus a McKinsey Dern is you just like? Just like why not? Destroy Rahmani favorite McCain's already faced. Already submitted Gabby Garcia. 'cause we're never going to see those in Ma. So why not this is it's fun. Doesn't mean anything hopefully, the fighters will get some money now I, don't know how much money there isn't a sport sports. You just do like that. Especially Um, for enemy fighters coming over but. Yeah it's I don't think it really means anything as far as if we're doing goof if we're doing goofy sizes against goofy sizes, I would love to see like Ben Rothwell against like Charles. Oliveira. Something outrageous. But then mother was actually good. You think of someone I was thinking the tie to tie to asa versus. Charles Bronze Olivera something like that. Zach. Just like a guy, just not more known for his jujitsu versus a much smaller person. whose number riot off versus. Psyche yeah exactly. Thank you. Ronnie. Ronnie. Adverse Broccoli. Eisner. Make it happen. To. Be. The most of just thinking about that would be the most ridiculous thing just the most und- under unimposing. Fighter I've ever seen in Roddy I ever since brock listener whereas job shortly towards on a bunch of times. Obviously, he said he'd trained whenever he trains. Roddy is he just feels demoralized at the end of every practice like he was basically drowned for like hours on end and then he just feels so frustrated as leaves practice also I would love to see you love to see maybe we just got this one. Tony Ferguson all Tony vs overdue. That's. and. You'll pay where we know how this ends keyboard, Warrior Angle bic. Why why waste time I'll keyboard warrior. Nice try we all be. Angle pick. All right. So I think the answer is. For Mr lover. Leverett it is fun. I don't know how much it actually means but. Mansa me. Numbers mighty masses the real money. I mean to mighty mouse versus brock listener. Yeah this is. Anthony Johnson vs mighty mouse. It just everyone. Your bigger than mighty mouse, which is everyone. Yeah Basement. Matt want to get a little shoutout for. Chris is friends with a bunch of acid suggesting a crystal grew what Jessica too many S.'s. Jeez I had a lot of conversation shocked about. Crystals. Year. Nabi Chelsea CPR team is a firm believer. I'm sure you know Steve The security guard that is one of the most imposing man I've ever met seen in my entire life. You know the the Big Guy Yeah British, Guy, Security Steve She's she tried to sway him into believe in crystals easily the guy I also believe in Santa Claus and buddy, and he just walked away and I was like, damn man was cold. He's a believer he just in the now. Go he doesn't like to say here. We. Go. From. Kooning guys on Youtube comments hello. Gooney Guy Sierra short time short time commenter. TATER. That means but question what is your hipster wise favorite fighter like the fighter who is kind of underground? You again, what is I don't quite know what that means like what's our hipster wise favorite fighter Casey do you have a hipster? Wise they're fighter. Seems like put a lot of thought into this and I have no idea what this question even. Why I wanted to say Ryan Hall I mean I think that's what he's going for something like ballet answer for you. You're a big Loma loop. Yanni, by Oma Doma fabric. Such a fan of her she's got signed by the UFC and I forgot her name she was the. New, industrial way jam, the new one. I can't forget her name. Japanese wrestler girl. Came remember. So is this just a fighter that where a big fan of that? Not a lot of people know that's what? Said I was doing when he mean by that like who do I like this? Not Cool to be into. Oh, you know what free I'll say right now he's find this weekend. Ben Rothwell love. Ben Rothwell. He's he should be the one up. Okay why hasn't Been Roth? Okay. Who is the CO main event last week? Just some. Yeah, Castro and Been Rothwell much more famous fighter much more well, know much better. He's is he on the card? Is under the goal. Which is? Yeah Ben. Weather that's my that's my hipster. Wise Sabre fighter. WHO's in the Coleman event at some Barbosa. Marquand Americana that fight rules talk now but bin. Laden. Both those guys been while and anti-bear are both higher rank them are Boza and American any. Yet but. My scene subur- has been in some. As I call table flight. A lot has been in loud table flights. I. Don't know if they won't put that mccomb event Barboza..

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