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On Colorado's morning. News voters Denver's get a chance to next month help shape the city's policy surrounding homelessness. We're looking at the initiative three hundred next after traffic and weather together. John how we doing on that drug? It's boring. It's real mardi looking at north of I twenty five coming out Douglas, downing rather rich gate area and Lincoln wanted to stop down here and see how do it, and we're barely moved with not a lot of Rexel your way down here on the south side. Just a very slow drive at very crowded drives. You make your way into work wherever you need to go. Well, eastbound let's go where we gotta go here. Let's go to seventy seventies. Real bad drive. Just because of that crash in the left lane eastbound to seventy right before Vasquez. That's the one big crash. We've got working right now. A crash on southbound two to five the Aurora area coming out of the tech center that has been cleared. You're still heavy from park road. But the wreckage seventies gone the wreck on ice seventy six westbound at commerce city. That's also big clear to the shoulders to a little bit better through. There. And the three crashes we had on ice seventy-one about have all been cleared at least off the shoulder of dot off the highway. You're not going to find a whole lot of study your faces. It is a pretty cloudy drive still, but that's helping drive on C four seventy eastbound coming grouse islets ranch. You're busy a lot of traffic getting over toward the tech center. I don't see any huge problem. Westbound Seaver seventy pretty loaded up at eighty five down westbound. I seventy heavy now between Wadsworth giving eastbound is make way over toward I seventy six and I seventy six is pretty crowded. This report is sponsored by the Colorado department transportation turned on when you drive in good me, the savings thing you do all day turn on your phone. Do not disturb all driving moat and prevent it. Coming vestiges of alerts while you drive, so you can keep your focus on the road. Learn more at distraction dot CO, DOT dot gov. Message brought to you by seat dot next update. Seven twenty KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. From Colorado's weather center at CBS four gradual clearing today. Much warmer. Highs in the mid sixties clear tonight, low forty two tomorrow.

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