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If you like stories about the law but have gotten tripped up by the legal system tune into life of the law on iteens take a few minutes to post to review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publish a new episode we sent every one who subscribe to our newsletter a behind the scenes look at life of the law that includes notes from our reporters and news about upcoming investigative reports this week mary lee williams shares her experience as a graduate student at uc berkeley graduate school and she's put together a list of some graduate schools offering journalism programs for you to consider you can subscribe to our newsletter at life of the law dot org were a nonprofit project of the tide center an were part of the panoply network of podcast from slate you can also find life of the law on prix public radio exchange were funded by the open society foundations the law and society association the national science foundation and by you visit our website life at the law dot org and make a very much appreciated donation next on life of the law join us in studio whom we talked to one person serving twenty years in federal prison for her part in the crime her career ended up in all and i don't know anything about ambient hey until after the fact but apparently one of the guys locking up the stairs and dig up darko.

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