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Welcome to this special episode of the world and everything in it. We're calling it. Ask Dr. Horton we ask you for your questions about the corona virus pandemic and you delivered via email social media and our listener feedback line. You've sent in your questions which we much appreciate and now world's medical correspondent. Dr Charles Horton is here to answer them. Hi Dr Horton Hi. Mary will regular listeners. To the program will recognize your name and voice but they may not know that much about you. So tell us where you're from and what life is like for you right now. Sure I live outside Pittsburgh with my lovely wife. Phoebe who retired from being a general surgeon to become a fulltime to our three children. Maybe number four in fact is due on Mothers Day. How wonderful congratulations? Well with the baby on the way Maybe that's a good time for my first question. Are you worried about having corona baby as some people are calling them actually? I'm more worried about the GROWNUPS in the family. Simply because the virus seems a lot more likely to do us harm for some reason which we don't really understand yet children don't seem to get it nearly as badly. I've also heard people joking about corona babies being a coming baby boom. We might see a few months down the road after everyone's off work all these months reconnect. That's always a good thing. That's a good thing. Well let's turn now to questions from listeners and we'll start with ANA poelman. She gets to the heart of why we wanted to. Have you join us for this special program? Let's listen for someone like me..

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