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Town hall TV the place to see the show eight eight eight nine seven one stage eight eight eight nine seven one state we are in Philadelphia and Paul that is you mark Davis in for Larry how are you doing. Paul I'm sorry sister Paul is indeed how are you Sir. I'm sorry to rescind static on the line I think the Democrats that are most affected by this or the presidential candidate. because of all the attention is going to be on the. on the committees Nadler and shafts and they're not going to they're going to suck all the oxygen out of this. interesting interesting possibility let let's let's let's see let's think about this Nadler and chef are both inherently very interesting people they there they'll be a lot of news made about them a lot of news made by them and you have a very very strong point isn't is in the presidential race is going to be somewhere where I was. I'll tell ya I think it's possible following the candidates poll I think I think they can have the well first of all all these networks employ a lot of people it is possible to go to trial painting reporter Hey on Capitol Hill well trumpeting reporters B. C. D. E. F. F. find out exactly what the latest comedy is from Biden Warren mayor Pete Kamel Harris. uncle Bernie whoever else remains rampant I don't think this is a binary choice they're gonna have to make but it's interesting because. yeah what Joan brand sunk by. the investigation. Joel brand was sunk by the fact that nobody cared about July. yeah that that's that's that's when the actors to deliver is gone because nobody cared about Kirsten Gillibrand already let us go to Bradenton Florida rich mark Davis in for Larry how are you. yeah you know and. thank you. yeah I just wanted to bring up a bit I was watching the TV right now and Chris Wallace. president.

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