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On. Tour of the show is incredible. Lizzie sings our ass off. It's an amazing triple Bill within this moment. New Year's day, hailstorm rocks dot com. Has all the ticket info h. a. l. e. s. t. o. r. m. hailstorm rocks. You can also get the new record, vicious on their website or you can get it on Amazon, Apple, music, Spotify, wherever you check out new music, I promise you'll dig it. Thanks to Lizzie and Joe from hailstorm for hanging out with me at the rock USA festival in Joe's hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin us cost, and thanks. Everyone is also booked to cabinet already. Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling ranger at sea. We are loaded with great rock and roll shows from Fosse more live music for Corey Taylor, Slipknot, and stone sour. Phil Campbell, the bastard sons will be their king is going to be there. The stirred the Dave Spevak projects spe-. We've heard Amir, Dhaka's Jericho, Dave's through that project nominated for blues recording of the year. At the Calgary blues festival awards. Congratulations spe- we the cherry bombs, the darlings of rock and roll going to be there shoot to thrill the world's best female ACDC cover band. Blizzard of Ozzy the world's best Ozzy Osbourne cover band. And if you book your cabin now Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. You get to see all these concerts for free. All the comedy shows live podcast meet and greets photos all clued in the price of cabin. And of course there's the wrestling, the big main event alpha club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why Jackson versus the bullet club, then we're also going to have the impact versus ring of honor. Sammy Callahan versus mardi girl just added LAX versus the young bucks to tumbled dream matches. How about a live talk is Jericho or with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross and Jerry the king Lawler condolences to the game, but the loss of his son, Brian Christopher, live talk is Jericho with with Ray mysterious Cohen. Talking about eighty Guerrero the life of eighty grow. Live talk is Jericho with the entire bullet club, MC fully doing his. Twenty years of hell. Stand up show. The first round of the wing of odyssey of honor tournament has been announced lethal Whitmer Daniels, clearest skirl, Titus young versus Gordon. Then we've got Mark Briscoe versus Ferrara. Pagers desiring Jebound ago versus Pierce city bruiser upcoming guest, talk Jericho and Jay Briscoe versus Kenny king. We got keeping it one hundred versus killing the town so much going on the professional wrestling podcast with Colt combat and married Rosa beyond the darkness there to scare the pants off. Yeah, live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches the impractical jokers special hosts, Jim j. king Lawler cruise director. So Galvao special guest m. c. Noel full is

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