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Donavan D who's lived in Malibu for more than forty years. Staying in his home was a choice fate. We have to let the guy upstairs take care of this because hopeless about twenty five hundred firefighters are working on the ground and by air to contain the wildfire doi- cycle. Tell NPR news Malibu. President Trump sparked tensions with a tweet as he began a weekend in France to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the ending of World War. One NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris. French president Emmanuel Macron is trying to defuse the situation plane had barely touched down in Paris Friday night, when Trump tweeted that he was insulted by president Macron suggestion that Europe needs an army to protect itself from the threats from Russia, China and the United States Europe, should I pay its share of NATO he chided in a statement Saturday morning. The French presidential palace said that Trump had misinterpreted mackerels comments made earlier this week, macro reaffirmed France's appreciation for its oldest ally. When the two leaders met this morning to sink you here today for USA leader. If you wanted to years ago. And you'll conciliatory t for all people, and Trump emphasized that he and Macron's still see eye to eye on most things we want to absolutely be there. We want to help you want to be a part of it. But different countries have to also help that's only fair. Eleanor Beardsley NPR news, Paris frozen and Trump's trip today to an American cemetery has been called off the White House says a trip to the village of below was cancelled because of rain prevented the president's arrival by helicopter. He's scheduled to visit a different American cemetery tomorrow, this is NPR and this is WNYC in New York. I'm David I President Trump intervened directly to suppress stories about his alleged sexual encounters. According to a new investigative report WNYC's Andrea Bernstein has the details. According to the Wall Street Journal and refuting two year pattern of denials, Donald Trump played a direct and central role in a series of hush money payments to women who alleged they'd had affairs with him. The payments could be evidence. Of illegal campaign contributions. And the journal reports prosecutors in Manhattan have been gathering evidence of Trump's involvement in these transactions since last April, that's when FBI agents, rated Trump attorney, Michael Cohen's offices and home when the Wall Street Journal asked about the pattern of payments, Trump declined to address his role his lawyer didn't return their calls. The US attorney's office in Manhattan isn't commenting the head of the MTA has resigned effective immediately. This was chairman Joe lhota, second tenure at the agency as WNYC's Stephen Nessin reports he led the MTA out of a plummeting decline in service when loaded reassume control of the MTA in June of two thousand seventeen fusion C was having a hellish year. Escalating delays flooding in that nightmare train that trapped writers on board for over an hour. One of his first tasks was to turn service around. He started to but loaded never quit his day job as chief of staff at NYU Langone health ends you can see. To serve as board member at various organizations, including Madison Square Garden above the thirty fourth street train station. Freddy Ferrara will serve as acting chairman until governor Cuomo appointed a new chairman after the new Senate returns in January one of the first black man to run a fortune five hundred company has died. Black enterprise reports that Addison Barry rand passed away this week at the age of seventy three rand entered the business world has a sales Representative at Xerox where he worked his way up to become an executive vice president from Iran held a series of major corporations, including the rental car company. Avis and the AARP forty three degrees right now, mostly sunny today with a steady temperature are high for the day is listed as forty four degrees of full one degree up from where we are right now. It's eight oh six support for NPR comes from log Mehan makers have Goto meeting. A collaboration meeting platform that comes quipped with features to help people stay focused to get work done. Learn more at GoToMeeting dot com..

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