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A tanned look pretty well and he doesn't need a major adjustment there he also issues passing the damage the CW buyer to crash earlier in the race he said my god this kid is could use so your member they added a boiling a boiling rivalry they go back to snow but last year the Watkins Glen said seems like that still and how bush's brain a little bit by the way Jimmy Johnson was running in the top ten last run he has sunk to twelve dollars tolls could you please Daniels but he's lost the front turned into the gonna have to go back and air pressure just Ryan Blaney is just picked a spot up of course the the advance auto parts Ford for team Penske has moved up to eight that drops Matt DiBenedetto down tonight but he's still running strong in the wood brothers Minard sport not that many more laps to go here and stage number two will call it fourteen right now to be thirteen when the leader Martin Truex junior gets back around to strive for true and he would love to get this mark they'll be another playoff point and his second stage win of the year yeah he came into the race without any could walk away going two for two today I hear at the Atlanta motor speedway and of course the playoff points and for the new fans out there these are points the drivers carried through the entire playoffs so whatever you gain by winning a race you get playoff points for that you get playoff points for of course winning stages and of course the as well the regular season champion after twenty six races he gets fifteen playoff points they stick with you through the entire playoffs right now let's take you through the field here's we have got a hundred twenty eight laps to go in about twelve to go in this stage Martin Truex junior the leader by one point two over Kyle Busch Clint Boyer is the thirty is four seconds back hitting him on his fourth fifth week Harvick Alex Bowman six Brad Keselowski seventeen it's Ryan Blaney chase Elliott nineteen.

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