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Says the partial government shutdown. We'll continue this long as Democrats refused to fund more barriers on the southern border. Even has looked to spread sheer via video conference the US troops around the world on behalf of the country merry Christmas. Happy new year. The president went back to the border wall while telling troops the nation's doing well, we have a little bit of a shutdown because we believe in walls, and we believe in borders, and we believe in barriers and later told reporters in the Oval Office. I can't tell you what the government is going to be open. Adding he's opened a meeting again with top Democrats say it hopes they can make some progress. Getting what he argues is money for the only thing that will stop drugs and human trafficking at the border. Saga megani? At the White House. Turkey says it's coordinating with Washington on the withdrawal of us forces from Syria. Kurdish fighters partnered with the US to drive the Islamic state group out of much of northern. Eastern Syria, but Turkey views the Kurds as terrorists because of their links to a Kurdish insurgent group inside Turkey for weeks. Ankara has been threatening to launch a new offensive against the Kurdish fighters in Syria. And the country's foreign minister told reporters today if Turkey says it will enter will his comments came amid reports that Syrian rebels backed by Turkey are getting ready to begin a military operation in a near the town of man Bauge currently controlled by Kurdish fighters, Ben Thomas, Washington Japan announced Wednesday that is leaving the International Whaling Commission to resume hunting the animals for commercial use that said it will no longer go to the Antarctic for its much criticized annual killings.

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