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Um it's which is a nice little moment of like if you were watching us with like a nineyearold ha the frogs thawed out before guevara hawes and there is a lot of really good frogbased tumor yes i laughed out loud at one point when the frogs getaway for and they thought out while he's in captivity and yells my friends needs a slug on those frog hey did you now i didn't realize that til this episode the voice of uh now admiral jao is jason isaacs who you might know as lucius malfoy from the harry potter movies and he's been in a and metrictonne of staff i didn't know that yeah i didn't either i'd never and never thought about a transformative actor he's really good um i i love the show i love this episode and i'm being reminded as we do this watch that one of the things i love most about this show is how what a good job with a do with zuko yeah of making zuko incredibly complex he's very nuanced yeah right he wouldn't think founded in the beginning rightists he's just kinda one note angry but as we get to know zuko more and more more we get to see that his his life is so complicated and though he an although he is angry at slick i said earlier it's because he's very hurt young why not only that but like up until now we've seen be very proud shin very like had strong and very pertinently yells allott but then as the blue spirit he's incredibly like sneaky unlike measured and why planning everything and it's very calculated i think it's because he knows as the blue spirit he can't rely on his fire bending yeah so he has to really like.

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