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Lunchboxes out Morgan number two will be playing this year. Trivia in its EMMY, would you like to what advice giver, I mean, just roll with it? If you miss it. Don't let yourself feel stupid because you will see you don't dwell on it. You know, when you go like a day or two or like, how did I miss that? Wow. That long. Is it affects me big time because it stuff like a first grader or second grader might know. And all of a sudden you freeze up because you're under pressure. And then everyone is in their car yelling at us as reactive. Play trivia and era. What's the most spoken language in the world English? Chinese. The bigger continent. China's not a continent. As okay, let's see. You talking about thinking Asia is a larger continent where they likely they don't all speak do. All right here, we go. China has the most people Chinese the Japanese ready Morgan number two who is the CEO of apple easy trivia. Oh. Who's the sea of apple easy trivia? I wanna say Jeff Bezos Amazon. Can I steal stealing myself? No. But you'll headed Tim cook. That's it would have been. Yes. Now, we know, you know, no points off are easy trivia, what does the w in George W Bush for. Oh. George. Walter. Oh. The w and George W Walter, right? Walker? The wall. He had the sellable count. Thank you. Got a point in the first round easy trivia, okay? Ready? Amy, what continent has the biggest population? Sure. Four point five billion continent. Do you want to change your answer? Visit Africa four point five billion. What had the biggest population don't even mess with me right now Asia, are you going? I'm going to Asia Asia. Trick question Morgan. Number two, easy trivia who.

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