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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm she Stevens president trump was conspicuously absent from meetings on climate change and bio diversity at the G. seven gathering that ended Monday in France as NPR sprinkling fit reports the trump administration aid represent the US at the meetings White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the president had scheduled meetings with leaders of Germany in India so senior administration official attended in its place McCall said trump back the leader's efforts to tackle the fires burning through an area of the Amazon which is twice the size of France you shouldn't interpret the American presidents absence Michael said the US are with us on bio diversity and on the Amazon initiative did you suddenly is agreed to create a twenty million dollar emergency fund to help stop the forest fires president trump has been at odds with other G. seven leaders on climate change he announced US plans to pull out of the Paris climate accord in two thousand and seventeen Frank like that NPR news the arrests president trump says he's open to meeting with his Iranian counterpart to resolve the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program trump says progress can be made although it may take a while French president Emmanuel macron says he hopes the two leaders will meet in the coming weeks from says G. seven leaders agree that Iran needs to meet its nuclear obligations around maybe getting ready to launch a rocket into space and Pierce Jeff from deal reports on what would be Tehran's third launch attempt this year commercial satellite imagery from the company planet shows the launch pad it around imam Khomeini Space Center has gotten a fresh coat of paint as of August twenty fourth the pad is now bright blue together with other recent images showing lots of activity at the site Iran seems to be getting ready to launch something into space according to Dave Schmirler an analyst at the Middlebury institute we're getting close to a launch but exactly when that will happen I can't tell you if it happened it would be the third such launch attempt this year rockets launched in January and February both fail before reaching orbit the trump administration accuses Iran of using its space program to develop long range ballistic missiles Iran insists its intentions are peaceful Jeff from feeling peer news Washington Johnson and Johnson and its affiliates are preparing to appeal the five hundred seventy two million dollar court judgment a judge in Oklahoma order the drug company to pay that amount for aggressively marketing addicted to pain killers and understating the risks a large grass fire in Portland Oregon is threatening homes and businesses city Byron rescue lieutenant Richard Chapman says it's a wind driven blaze that's moving fast this is I believe a five alarm now which is going to be most of the engines and trucks we have in the city Chapman says some roads have been closed and residents within a twelve block radius of the flames are being told to stay indoors close the windows and shut off their air conditioners you're listening to NPR news nineteen states and the district of Columbia are suing the trump administration over plans to change a federal agreement on how long the government can detain migrant children the administration wants to remove court oversight so that families can be kept in detention longer than the twenty days currently allowed under the nineteen ninety seven floors agreement meanwhile the government is also eliminating special status for most migrants wanting to stay in the US while day or family members or dealing with hardships including lifesaving medical care the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is clarifying its policy against guns in church it handbook stated that firearms were inappropriate in church as Rosie Hernandez reports from member station can you we are the change to place that nearly all the full fire arms are now banned the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints handbook was recently updated to prohibit fire arms whether they're concealed or not in its buildings the handbook which can be found online only makes an exception for law enforcement officers church officials did not respond to requests for comment the Mormon religion is based in Utah which has traditionally been gone friendly the state's concealed carry laws allow guns in public spaces like schools and parks churches are allowed to ban guns but to do so they must notify the public and the state department of public safety its website says the only other faith in Utah that banned guns at its churches is the Wasatch Presbyterian church for NPR news I'm worse your Hernandez in Salt Lake City Wall Street stocks closed higher the.

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