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It's played a large role in my life over the years just helping and understanding how to be a better better more competent consumer. We'll probably you. Hey So my question you know I recently got engaged and I'm actually looking for advice on non wedding days to consider so as a background my fiance and I were both step free. We have mutually decided that we wanted to Prenup and we both make good salaries <hes> and we also split the cost of living fifty fifty and we're undecided on having children. I'm actually looking for advice on stuff like how do I know whether to do taxes filed or combined and what type of life insurance to get and how to decide what spouse should get on that each other health plans and things along that line and can I asked generally the ages that you and your say I am thirty and then my fiance thirty four okay so you've been out there on your own for a while neither view coming into the marriage with kids crack so you're starting fresh Arash so the pre-nup thing you both WanNa do a prenup and it's funny. I'm not into prenups because I'm just an incurable romantic and so if you think about what a Prenup is it's like like planning before you get married for what happens if the marriage doesn't work yeah and so that that really is something I'm not generally comfortable with even if it did make financial sense okay if it's something that it feels right to both of you the you should do it and you're both of an equal mind about that then go ahead and do it. pre-nup becomes more important. If one or the other of you is coming into the marriage with a great deal of assets. Oh I see okay is that true for either of you where very equal and what we'd be coming into the marriage with so. I don't know that that as important although I do like the age you're getting married that you have each of you have your own accounts and then you have a a joint household account crap and that you agree based on what you're combined. Expenses are the money the each of you contributes each month so you make sure renner mortgage or paid. That kind of thing is for life insurance. I would like for each of you to have a life insurance policy for the benefit of the other and my general rule. Is that you by ten times each of your annual income. Okay you buy a simple level term insurance policy and at the age each of you are by a straight thirty year level term policy okay you can buy those now even without a medical exam. If you want or you you can go through a traditional thing where you buy with an exam. I've got examples companies that do the instant issue policies where they do it based on being able to check electronically. What's happened with you medically overtime I got I've got a story about that on Clark Dot com okay but the other things I'd like for the two of you to sit down and have a serious talk about what your goals are for your lifetime time? What do you how long you WanNa work which you WANNA do in retirement think through what the goals are and what you're going to do to achieve those goals I think that is core and Qui Tam and good communication moving forward okay? I can't believe that we have a third Clark rage about yet again. Another spat going on over school breakfast and lunch is the last one was when that I really trashed a school all system and then more information came out later and I set the record straight that there was more to the story than I had originally told this one doesn't seem to be anything more of the story will come out but it tried to imagine this the Wyoming Valley West School district which is in Pennsylvania sent over a thousand ladders home to various families of kids in the school district who who had unpaid money for lunches mostly and most of the bills were ten dollars or so for unpaid lunches and the school district in its letter threatened written that if the bills were not paid that the parents who are gonNA lose their children their children we're going to be taken away and put in foster care and that is according to a report from T._v.. Station W. N. e. p. the letters <music> are really creepy. Scary about telling parents are going to take away their kids and school. District's actually don't have that power part of adulthood is having to do things that you don't really WanNa do like red eye flights working late visiting in laws and getting life insurance but another part of adulthood is learning to delegate.

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