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Powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. An update now this early morning hour with mister rapoport, just hours after the nationals offense let down Patrick Corbin who gave a season high and run support to Josiah gray in an 11 6 series winning victory in San Francisco, gray matched his career high of 7 innings pitched in his 7th straight quality start, Dave Martinez. Efficiency was the key for him going that deep. A couple guys get right back in the zone. You know, in those situations, I try to tell them, hey, I know we screwed a lot of runs. It's easy to ease up. You got to go out there and act like you're up on nothing And you've got to make your picture. So he did that very well. Would you concur Josiah? For us, it's not about striking out the most guys when you're up big. It's about getting three outs and back down on our feet. So today, that was the mentality that had and really loved seeing the guys go out there and squirrelly and put us in a good position. Especially California native Riley Adams who hit a three run Homer 413 feet into the stands at Oracle where incidentally the Nats had their highest scoring output of last season two that get their first day off in more than two weeks and can reflect on winning four of their last 6 series and 11 of 19 games, the Orioles also get a day off after winning 8 of their last 9 series. Thanks to a two one win over the raised credited to dean Kramer for his 6th score listening start, the Washington spirit scored three goals in a 9 minute span in the first half and beat Orlando for two in their group stage challenge cup match. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, thanks, rob, as always, one 57 on WTO P and update on traffic and whether just around the course. His WTO news. WTO PFM Washington WWW and assets WTO PFM Braddock heights Frederick. You're with WTO P, 19 lane. Make this Mother's Day extra special with Meadows farms nurseries. Give mom the gift of blooming beauty, with 20% off all hanging baskets and all roses and bloom. We also have a wide

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