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Adapted from a stephen king novel that's coming up on fresh air first news live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi sang the north korean government reportedly is a crucial step closer to becoming a nuclear power the washington post cites a confidential us intelligence assessment which concludes at north korea has developed a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile nbc news also cites an official confirming the development scott snyder a senior fellow for korea studies of the council on foreign relations ascribes the diplomatic implication were entering a uh a risky to uh of a good way to tension were the actionreaction quite cool between new york north korea is your heating up and we really need to catch her breath and uh uh take a pause undo plan carefully what the options are that threat evident in the latest scathing exchange between north korea and the us after the un security council including kunyoung major ally china recently approved new sanctions against north korea over to intercontinental ballistic missile tests pyongyang warned the us was not safe all today president trump fired back north korea best not make any more rest of the united states they will remember with fire and fury life the has never safe president trump speaking at a crucial gathering on another crisis gripping the united states and opioid epidemic he's being briefed by commission on recommendations for addressing the nation's overwhelming number of drug overdoses a medical journal report out today reveals more than fifty two thousand americans died from drug overdoses mainly from prescription painkillers in heroin abuse in 2015 that was unprecedented and there was no sign of a meaningful decline in the death rate well into last year according to government statistics cited by the associated press the british regulators will review rupert murdoch's fourteen billion dollar bid for a giant british satellite television company a second time as npr's david folk and flick reports renewed scrutiny follows outrage over a retracted story from murdoch's fox news about a murder with political implications the decision comes just a week after npr revealed allegations that fox news.

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