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Yeah and that's all i have to say about washington correspondent is anthony circa when megan mccain talks about the environment here in this white house you have to remember that donald trump himself during the campaign in two thousand fifteen early on in his campaign criticize john mccain very personal terms said he wasn't a war hero he was only a war hero because he became a vietnamese prisoner of war and that he prefers his heroes or he likes his heroes not to be captured so the idea that this was an attitude that comes down from the top from the president the president john mccain have sparred repeatedly over the past few years at that you're just seeing this reach a crescendo zik fooling the recent outbreak of the bona virus and the democratic republic of congo the world health organization says that it's preparing for the worst case scenario knowing countries bordering congo have been put on high alert as experts continue to arrive in the affected area to try to contain the disease rebecca kes bay has more details this latest outbreak of a bowler in northwestern drc has occurred in an extremely remote rural area belly accessible by road and a good fifteen hours motorbike ride from the nearest town of bacau whilst the challenging terrain may act as a natural barrier to the spread of the disease which is highly contagious and usually fatal in at least fifty percent of cases it does make getting aid and experts to the area more difficult the world health organization is deploying a team of around forty specialists the head of emergency response pizza salomo says they're not taking any chances after be quick to confirm the we have to be quick to care for an isolated cases we have to be quick to ensure the population gets the right messages on hell to protect themselves only two people are confirmed to have died of a bowler in this latest outbreak but the authorities suspect it's killed at least eighteen people over the past month three of them health workers which also concerns the experts as infected.

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