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British isles particularly inning which allowed for a development and institutions of habits of a respect for which if you look at areas the world such as the Balkans which in many ways culturally and and many other important areas of great human development. They've never been able to develop these modest institutions and habits which we have because of the constant interruption of war and invasion which they suffer and now we have a different form of of invasion in in full of globalist tonight pressure which makes it harder and harder for these basic principles. And I I feel for it. I I think that whatever I examined any seems outcomes a stock. How will this fact of the fundamental principles of those little humanity which seem to me basis assume is society now almost invariably the ulcers badly? I think this is another example of it. I part of the reason for that is because Lewis Riggs inexistent Hans Tree people if they themselves out what he to defend it when it's attack con long survive and if you have a people which actually believes that it's it's the becomes a. I think this this alleged condominium has alleged because I think we may possibly restaurateurs has created fear fear in which people will repose all that in the State and in power as because when you do that pound along really needs to lure does it. Knowing really needs to be about the concession people power becomes a a a straight food crude hubs in Bahgat we protect you from the terror with that and you give me freedom to us and this is what this is. What's really frightening under? I mean I'm scared. The economic consequences of this unscheduled social consequences. But really really beyond that. I think the education that I've had in the past few weeks trying to stand for free. Debate and discussion has given me a really really quite worrying lesson. In how much less freedom I? Anybody else has Ten years ago in this country than any Western country governed by the middle of it. I haven't potty because I've exercised Great Elephants Providence. Which I won't go into here which was allowed to exercise it but the truth is that it's much more circumscribed My Life. It's a very profound thing to site. One of the American fell Father Founding Sakani which one commented that anyone who lab FIA to a compromise freedoms was William. Nato I think Benjamin Franklin Second pledged temporary security deserve neither. Yeah you're the sort of wish to ideal for you seems to give him. Why the rights? That discrimination law machinery everywhere sets off a system of competing rights instead of writing freedom practicing freedom wanting to advance it that might not be fully enjoying. That was what not Lizard King. Us buys was trying to do so. I have some people even awfully enjoying the freedoms that they will be entitled to as American. What donald she writes right seemed to me to be granted by the that for the whole the whole theory of rights seems based on the idea that we don't have any of these things unless government groups whereas the English Principles I understood was always. That man was free unless he was contrived by by laws which had themselves be nine by repugnant. And the the the idea that government granted certain rights at the moment the government. Grunts me under certain conditions limited. My her I'm allowed to do certain only if I have reasonable excuse to leave my home where I am in in England where I think the jurists of the the seventeenth nineteenth centuries crime that teeth if they saw this going on that is my current legal. Fortunately where I live. It's not too officiously enforced but there are other places where it's Where it is a police force is actively encouraged people to inform on the neighbors they go out to notch. I this this is actually Abbott. I'd imagine it but it is so I I'm freedom. Kennel be express rationed in in rights. Freedom exists and you grant government sudden opposed to limited by law. You hope of course in a in a in a pro property goes to Saudi. Most human behavior should be governed festival conscious of the law should any into the in as a last resort so whole whole lexicon of rights seems to me and acceptance by. Shankill seems to me to be a mistake. I it's it's unfortunate that the great documents of of modern Western treason Philip Rights in the United States. The one hundred years earlier of England a cold bills rights rather than those freedoms. Because that's what actually. Aw I know the Show. The bill writes Dotted English Lords. What it actually says. This is what the government cannot do we. The people can't do. This is what the government cannot do. Those are the those are the anything's having is housing. I took cook very well but not bill of rights. It's been contentious. They're Nice Walter. But we don't have we really do it. Heated the the model at least in theory that this is prescribed. You are free to do it about what has happened in this country is we've now had either fifty years all Moore more and more anti discrimination legislation setup supposedly secure people's rights but then. I end up being classy rights and machinery has done nothing to stop in Aden. Aden a bit. The price of unquestioned wanting down of social capital all increased loneliness of action all anxiety. Depression self harm is not a happy story. We'd be cheering freedom. I would have thought but show and yet. It was done in many cases with the best intentions. People who did it didn't set out to achieve on that. That's been run. The difficulties inaugural against I think some of the initial for the the the the early race relations is in. I find it impossible. Although the seems to me to be sort of breach of principle in both I find it impossible to opposed because of the horrible things which were being done before they existed which they prevented the difficulty is can you limit that's legislation or does it go too far that ultimately is is a problem for for the individual humans involved in coming. Were catching have. Make gone to find these ways. But I I do like very much to start on the assumption that my opponent's have good intentions. I ask the same in the interesting thing is is getting. I'm assumed to be acting of marital mischief Good intentions. That's another part of the the gradual darkening freedom in my country while it says Johnson High Absurd again to make your point to bat at discrimination often with the best intentions. We've actually raised at children belabored. Lots is a battle between good people and bad table which tends to play into the hands by politics which tends to undermine the idea that you've got to find you. I food collectively site. The rule of law is is something that unifies because respect all with King must respect the president's business perspective King. I'm it's just. It's such a crucial principle guide. You why do power has something overarching which controls it is so crucial addition or a limits on? And when you see it happen when you see a cooled stripe down. Its Radical Act by government and the government as the court. It is so moving it happens. Any such thing would be celebrating without pay these very very uncertain times It's hard to see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel and get hype Springs Tunnel and I love a strategy daily. I want to see A. It's best dies somehow still being in the front office. But it's not gonNA happen recounts cluster around key issues Principals as you've just put it and I do thank you very much for your time. I'm always intrigued by people. When we've had conversations he'd come up to me in the street and I Peter Confront me with reality and found that very valuable. You've done it again. Do not they do not thank you very much. But it's kind of you. We conclude with Cromwell made to some particularly obstreperous sponge dogmatic puritans gentlemen and this is I address this to my opponents in the argument about how we treat. Karenna Vars gentlemen I beseech she in the bowels of Christ think it possible you may be sticking of course the PRI- Rosa Crumble is quite mild language after ten. Let's question pride is that we need to be humble enough to admit that the other person's arguments should be hood ever. I found the best way. And have people own that whites Lord Joe? You've been listening to John. Anderson direct for further content. 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