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Eight tracked taper quarter on it and all hit a look back with us on four decades is caroline porco planetary scientist former member of the voyager imaging team she joins us a number if she's been on our show number of times welcome to science friday looking better for having me alfatlawi you're welcome i'm i have to say for started that he can't believe we we got everything we did from voyager and those crafts over a recording an a track tape does it have unfilled and blow your mind yes it does we're on my mind and though for me the best thing about this anniversary and to celebration that everyone seems to be making of it is just to have the opportunity to spend some time remembering what we all accomplished so long ago with so very little well let's talk about that set the scene for as what did we know about the outer planets at that time when voyager was conceived in launched and what did we learn well we know as i just said we knew very little and that swept webster so remarkable to m'hidi pure remember uh we even knew very little about youth and saturn i mean we you know we didn't know there how they were structured uh rotation rates at least for saturn were not clear uh composition was an entirely different matter we knew nothing about what oh we were eventually going to find in the wings that saturn uh and then as far as uranus and neptune go that was the hinterlands even in the most powerful telescopes on the earth they would just these fuzzy little dots or at most a little little blog of blue uh and not much else was known maybe we knew a moon or two uh so it was really it was really venturing into uncharted territories and this is what is so.

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