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This is the only show anywhere that just solves problems it really is and I'm so happy you're here so let me just get to the phones and if you like what you hear tell a friend about it and also warn people about what you hear on the show it's very important now we hear a lot about rip offs right special with home improvement that's why I always talk about genesis total exterior stock com March Manske and his team genesis total exteriors do you imagine how hard it is to advertise on the show I'm serious because we look into each and every complaint now we look into all complaints whether they're on the list or not but if they're on my list it goes to the top of our pile and we negotiate everyone of him now we don't get a lot thank goodness right Bob but it's hard because we we really do follow through genesis total exteriors dot com Hey al Ramis is it true do we have do we call you once in awhile if we get a complaint absolutely you give me an opportunity I think that and eight but we always talk about it we never said a word yeah and and Jeff I I you know what about it you know we are held accountable to the hotel is about and that's what that's what it should be now Hey real quick on genesis say opened an office in Colorado springs in their Killin it down so listen guys let's talk what is going on that's the question what is going on and how we help you Chris has been waiting let's go to him Chris what's going on it's a hard day today you just heard our aromas procured Jeff victim or transmission we'll get to some car questions what's going on with workers comp Chris based on my other question is right I got a I went gold prices got the lead paperwork paperwork from the insurance company or their you know offer on what they're let me let me tell people workers comp works they assess your disability if there's a permanent disability they offer a settlement that's the only time they offer a settlement and the settlement is based on a schedule it's not a negotiation usually also however they might have it wrong and that's where you get your own independent experts but workers comp is unlike most other injuries because you're not allowed to sue your employer there are what's called third party claims you can make for example if your employer has a machine and the machine malfunctioned not only do you get workers comp but you can go after the machine manufacturer if they were negligent it or if you believe they were so what's going on with yours alright so on they sent me an offer and you know proceeded to the pay out on a schedule finally got a hold well first of all did you reach maximum medical improvement it's called M. M. I. okay with Eminem why did you have a an impairment rating yeah what was your impairment rating twenty three percent what was the injury that's a lot what was the injury I had a back injury I was involved in a vehicle accident now did you have to get your own expert for that twenty three percent no that was to the insurance company our I mean it was they sent me to okay so now what is your question based on this well I I called today to see if I can get a like a lump sum settlement because apparently in Colorado they're required to pay on a schedule I don't know that but we can find out go ahead well the cold and that is through that I would answer the question you know it's my understanding that once you sign the paperwork and receive the the settlement folder no longer liable for any injuries that may flare up or that's right that may come from the injury that's right that's why they call it a settlement right and I feel like in in questioning that they they may have like red flag something so you know what you bring up a good point Chris for example if you know some guy it has a twenty three percent impairment rating and and he's a weakling in a certain area I don't know man I bought listen I one time a long time ago there was a woman who is applying for work and I saw or she told me that she had had twelve workers comp claims and I thought to myself holy crap this is going to be a I don't know if I want this woman and I don't think you're allowed to do that I how I ended up hiring believe it or not a a she was part time and and it was fine but man I wonder do people get passed over I used to ask all the time higher are you allowed not to hire them for that or do you have to give me another reason I don't know let's set is click Fenton around he said he'd be in a few minutes all right hold on we'll come back to you and then you can ask our attorney at law cliff Fenton and in law he's also a personal injury attorney now Mike you a pot holes damaging cars we hear this all so let's get right to it might okay can you hear me yeah I'm gonna give you thirty seconds sum it up Sir okay I was a visiting a person at the Wyndham hotel down in centennial and this is in the middle of may and the pot the parking lot was not well let and it was littered with holes in them diameter of two to four feet and how deep very deep maybe three quarters of a collective some time to put all my god it is it is unbelievable and I'll bet you still that way today I have been down the recently but how damages the the front of my nineteen ninety seven Lincoln town car stretch did you say nineteen ninety seven yes our state is this in operation right now is a commercial vehicle this ninety seven it's not it's a personal vehicle is it a stretch limo it is are you a pen this is a that's a cool car I bought in two thousand three wow no kidding how many miles you have on it two hundred forty five thousand also there's no value to it well that's the problem but I want to ask a question okay I'm I'm asking myself does this make a big difference yes it does because you can't really see a city not less there's I mean trust me yeah but he said it was a hotel I know I know that's what I'm getting at there's a higher level of higher level of responsibility especially because a parking lot is inviting people to come in and park I mean this is this is as what what what would Johnny a what was his name on Seinfeld outrages ludicrous upgrade yes I preposterous prosperous right so did you complain to the hotel what what was your initial action what did you do well on this evening was may fourteenth and shortly thereafter left the parking lot the ball joint broke on my car and the car was ended and I had to have it towed to might not bored and they did the repairs for me and that's what I then I called the next day and went to visit the hawthorn suites by Wyndham Jeremy Paxman the the manager yeah and he supposedly filed an insurance claim but I spoke with him yesterday and he said that they're not going to pay for anything of course not and they felt no liability of course not and so I'm stuck with these bills and right right no doubt how much did it cost to fix them the might not bill was four hundred four dollars and the total bill was two hundred fifty dollar man that is so reasonable you're not asking like you can buy one and he's a really good shape at ninety seven with a hundred twenty three thousand miles for sixty nine hundred Bucks that's the asking price and die it's got a whole history report that's pretty cool it's beautiful what color is yours black on black how the hell this is a stretch I'm looking at district how do you get around where do you park it wherever you can no I mean it's so do you how do you use this do you don't live in a do you are you one of those well actually I had the I have stayed in it red sign time red sign I'm just kidding listen man you score you are very yeah this is a very reasonable request here not asking for thousand you're saying six hundred box eight hundred Bucks whatever it is what is the total basically so six hundred and fifty four they are nuts this guide how reasonable are they still there do you have pictures of everything that I send us send us anything you have what's called for this guy and then small claims court will walk you through I want to see the logistics part yeah we want to see pictures Suzanne kid does he have anything to document can you send it to us let's take a quick break I would come back to this plus what about this two previous is with high mileage all we have some advice and SUVs which ones do I like end workers comp we're gonna get our attorney.

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