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Welcome back. I've got dave buskirk online dave. Reo very good. How are you michael. I'm great looking for this conversation today. So you've got an interesting backstory and we talked a little bit in the pre show about it but once share with the audience. A little bit about you. And then we'll dive right into the work. Do sure thank you very much a for having me on. This is really quite a pleasure. I financial advisor actually. This month is twenty years. Since i started in my practice all our jones investments. I my background. I came from the corporate world for ten years. Prior always knew i would do this. But didn't quite have the confidence at first. But yeah been been doing this for twenty years My office is in irving texas. We've got the most wonderful client. In the world the most wonderful team karen kendra work in my office. It's fan just an amazing amazing ride. So i wonder why. People choose vocation that they went into. And you had mentioned that you always knew that you would be in the financial investment advisory type of world but what drove you to pick that career is. It's really interesting when i was. I don't know the exact day i know was thirteen years old. I do know the exact place and it was on southside drive in a wego new york town at my grandparents house. My grandfather worked for ibm for his entire career. And one day. When i was there with my family. I heard my grandparents talking about their ibm stock. My grandfather was more into watching the mets games on television to to get him for a few minutes to talk about. Ibm he wasn't very happy. Working all those years. But i asked my grandmother. She could tell me a little bit about what they were doing. Because i was interested in learning about the stock market and she told me that through ibm that employees were able to purchase company stock through their paychecks and for years. She did not even know about that but she heard about it through some friends. My grandfather didn't think they could afford to buy any and what she did was she had. Even though she was raising four kids she went and got a part time job. She had the foresight to see that if whatever she made they could put into that. Ibm stock that would be something that would grow to a nice nest egg and in addition to his pension in their social security that it would do a lot for them for their family going forward and she showed me the power of taken a little bit of money every month than she had a ledger share bought. She showed me everything and that was how it got started from there. I started subscribing money magazine. In high school. I went to villanova university and stayed financing every investment class. I could take i did. It's something that. I just always wanted to do that. I found out well being a financial adviser. You could do something that you're interested in but also helped a lot of people make a meaningful difference in the world but it's all because of my grandmother and my grandparents. They're the second account. I opened and they rolled over one hundred percent of that. Ibm stock that they had saved up and they didn't spend any of it by a went to all of their kids when they passed away lessons to be learned in that story. Oh definitely the fact of investing in a long time ago. An early makes a lot of difference in just a disclaimer. I wanna make sure get out. Everybody were not providing any financial advice during this conversation today. Work with your own independent financial adviser because with that person. And you you know your risks what you want to invest in you know all that kind of good stuff so i just wanna make sure put that out there so if we say something it's not a case of okay go out and buy this particular stock or things like that We're talking about a point time years ago but it does it does bring to light you know winnie invest and a with my nineteen year old daughter. She's investing in stocks. And like you do that. 'cause dad really wishes he would have a little bit earlier than he did. But you know the the planning. The tree analogy is like the best time to plan. A tree was twenty years ago in the second best times right now so it's like did don't shut while do it now because he's still have type so it makes a lot of sense but the fact that you were inquisitive about that going. What's that instead of. Who the mets happen to be playing that day. You know nothing wrong against you know that to you. Know it's like you know the the mets of you know they've had some great teams over the years and hall of fame players and all of that. But it's like yeah. Let's let's look at investing in stock and all of that kind of stuff so in the fact that you know that conversation launched your career means a lot because a lot of people that are in different types of business. I hear stories like that. You know it's not a case of well you know i went to college. Went to university of wherever and got my degree and business or marketing. And then i work in business and all that you do that cycle. I figure that's where you can make the you know the best income for my life and all of that great but then when you hear stories like yours. Risk yeah my. My career path was driven from a conversation. I had with my grandmother Says a lot. And i think a lot of entrepreneurs in a look back and think about that because sometimes people forget those conversations but know. Dig back and go okay. Why did you go into your first career or career. Now you know what was the story behind it in You know that makes a big difference so nothing we talked about in the pre show a little bit something. Obviously i do a lot of work in is is burnt out in the street shared with me. I think is one that will resonate with the audience. Because you know a lot of people are in roles. That are just overwhelming. Any a of work is overwhelming in many situations. You have busy seasons and all that but sometimes you get into leadership roles for example and some of those roles are so taxing that they suck your will to live in a way For many of us. So unless you share a little bit about that sure yes so it was back in two thousand. So i started with john's in two thousand and one in two thousand nine i was asked to be regional leader in the dallas fort worth area and it what a what a what an opportunity holy cow i am so so grateful for for being asked for being able to serve. I did for ten years. And so i was wearing two hats. A one was being a regional leader but also continuing to be financial advisor and and help clients and grow the business and for years and years it was it was really wonderful. What i what. I didn't realize though was how seriously i was taking both roles cycads and i wasn't necessarily a being end of I was successful in both but at a cost and the cost was health issues There was there was one day in two thousand eighteen. I was out to lunch with a friend of mine. And i thought i was having a heart attack and i went to the emergency room and i was not having a heart attack. It was stress and That kind.

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