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We've had guests come on the on our Poe, almost famous podcast and talk about how they do podcast exploring a partnership with that looks like. I'm learning what I'm seeing. All this is like I'm learning more and more that there. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but the part that affected people. The most that you hit on was that you were accused during this time in your life of leading people on of playing with hearts of manipulated situation. And you're saying that you never did that. But why was that the perception? Why is that the story that got put out there during this kind of limbo season? Because, that was a good story. That makes good TV. That makes good narrative. The man who everybody loves falling off the top you know and I'm not gonNA. Sit here and act like I didn't make mistakes. I've made mistakes. Everybody does mind just happened to be in front of America. I I mean you. You saw very very honest about how you know. That night, and how it felt they were very sure to tell me that it was since you know anything other than sex. Can you clarify the night? stage. Again there is. Is. Yeah good. There's Kaelin at stagecoach. was there in other Bachelor girl at stagecoach beside Christina? Chrissy yeah. Like we both made a very. It was very clear. What it was. You know and so I think that was the frustration when I was watching, the show back is. The way it was you know the way. The story slipped a little bit now a lot of it a lot of it, and so that was really. I think blake part of this gets heavy and weird and confusing, because there was store, so many storylines happening. leading up into the Bachelor in paradise. Just for anybody out there, listening I know you've done it a hundred times before I don't think we needed exact time line, but. Just a summary of what that whole concert felt like to. You was a big party and a lot of things going around in circles, and all of a sudden you find yourself talking to dating sleeping with somebody you didn't expect or was there conversation beforehand and then we can leave. The stage comes conversation kind of if fashioned followups. A better idea. What picture was being done here so that we all understand. The story a little bit better. Feel Kinda Kinda hurt it, but I mean. Overheard but Yeah, I mean at stagecoach. It's music festival. Think it, you know everybody's having fun. That was the funniest part about everything like this wasn't like. A random like I dunno, like night. You know music was a full weekend it's yet is everybody's having fun. Everybody's living life and yet for I day night, for am. Text messages happens. Christina came over and then the next night yet. Four A. M., some text message exchange and Caitlyn came over. To refresh the audiences memory. You did have a brief thing with Christina coming off of the Bachelorette. Fall and then that fizzled out which I think. Both of you agreed that that fizzled out then. You started talking to Kaelin later on that year. Both of them at stagecoach. Then you believe that it was clear to both of them that it was just a hookup thing and that it was more of a weekend thing, and then you tried to pursue Hannah. G I'm thinking that you be dating her in paradise. He went down to Alabama to have a weekend with her. No she got to La like six hours nauseam hours. For about six hours. So. It was just a quick trip. I went to tell her about stage. Yeah! Because you guys were talking to before. We're talking and I just didn't want her blindsided down. I didn't want. That's why it's okay him. I didn't want anybody blindsided down marijuana make sure. You know. Yeah I just didn't want anybody to site. I wanted to make sure everybody kind of knew me and Hannah never. We talk about this formula. Hannah never agreed like. Hey, I'm going to get you. You're going to need both. We're both excited about each other. Don't get me wrong, but it never was that case. BANNING OF ANYTHING TO ADD BEFORE I go further on the timeline. No No. I don't I think I think all this like even now I sit here, Blake and as a friend I'm like man I know. You've had to talk about this a thousand times. Yeah, and I know. this is frustrating and I know it get defensive I think the the hardest part here. A will always be the hardest part for you. Is it so complex like I? Just think like I don't know how you fit this. In that period of time I. Think Everybody's kind of joked about that like. How do you have so much time? The second part is like it just complex. It's a complex story with a of different moving parts. But you know your truth. Is this and and you know we'd have to talk to? Everybody else involved to get there through it, but your truth is. Hey, you didn't play with any hearts. There is a mutual understanding between all parties involved. and. Nobody was nobody felt misled in, and that's why you decided to go on paradise because you felt like everybody was in the clear which you know. Is Why you went to tell. Hannah G in person that this is what happened, and if you choose to Paradise, I want you to know ahead of time. I promise you I'm leading somewhere with this to a more relevant question. So in paradise. You ask Teixeira out on a date. Even though I think you had mentally planned on asking. Is that correct. And you recently admitted this on your instagram story because your contract expired last month. Yeah I, mean I. Yeah I plan to take? I got the I. Didn't think I was going to get the first day car. That was a complete surprise me but I remember getting it and being like. ITN talked. About a lot of Canada like okay, we got up left the room. Too much about this, but yeah I mean. Down and It was my decision I was forced to do anything at the time. You know I I Felt that people. I trusted a lot of people but they had already kind of figured narrative for me and I was maybe take Hannah. The narrative might have been a little different for them, and Tesa is an amazing woman. Onset feel the worst on it like tasty was brought into drama that she didn't need to be like. I brought her into Jonah not. Not On that first date you know what I mean like. It wasn't fair to her. Be I. Just you know I was about an hour. most convinced to take to take Teixeira and that really is where everything started snowballing, and it was just a horrible experience yet. I think that's everybody's like initial question was what did he'd pig Weiji estee show. If I could go back like I I think one of the hard things about. Having a good experience on the Bachelor Bachelorette is that. You're very naive. Very naive going into paradise and I. You know I was I was like you know. These producers are making points. Am I best interests at heart and then. I guess the rest is history, but. You also said on the same instagram story that you feel a little bit of Ptsd from Bachelor in paradise. I still. Just, talking about this is getting me wound up my heart. Reading on the setting like it's really rough. Experience in it was. I mean it was just a hard time in my life to have? Not. Not only when you're on the beach, having everybody. Gang up on me. And bully me, you know cheek me while I was down, constantly Like afterwards, still a lot of people trusted the same thing you know, and it was just felt very alone very very very low during on. Ben You are with him. I mean with him. As geider throughout that time I know that you confided a lot in him blake. Tell us from your perspective. How.

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