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Mountain bike riding competitions. Jeffrey Xiao reports it's one of the fastest growing schools sports competitions. It's kind of like NASCAR, but with mountain bikes and instead of adult drivers there are teen writers like shaylee McCullough of the San Rafael high school girls team. How did you do? Well, I am not a particularly fast rider, but I just love the sport because it's outside and the people that it's with. So I usually take my time. I have fun though. Favorite writer of the day. The race is average anywhere from 11 to 24 miles that are held on terrain that reaches as high as 800 feet. Patty. What's cool is that they're outside. They're all together. They rude each other on. It's a team sport and it's a great group of people. Cherry curly is race director with the nor Cal interscholastic cycling league. This is a place where it's all inclusive. Anybody gets to race their bike. There's no bench, which is different than a lot of high school sports out there where if you play football or baseball or maybe you don't even fit in that sport and in a lot of kids just find their way and have and we continue to race by going into high school or sorry going into college. Jeffrey schaub, case CBS. A new study shows just how important recognition is when it comes to having happy employees. Christine's takes a closer look. The research finds that the best way to retain talented workers is to show them some appreciation. Kim garsten is a senior vice president at Robert half, which conducted the study. Recognition doesn't have to be monetary, it can be anything as small as a thank you note. It can be an email where you're sending a thank you to your assistant and you're seeing the supervisors or the executive leadership team. It could be a Starbucks card. It could be something very small. Garz dean says a comment that's often heard in company exit interviews is that the worker is leaving at least in part because of a lack of recognition. She says showing appreciation can sometimes be more difficult or overlooked for people working from home. Chris seeds, Casey BS. Start 8, April 30th. High technology highlights the southern evening sky at this time of year. The technology of the 18th century. A couple of small, faint constellations are named for the high-tech devices of the time. Pyxis, the campus is in the south, southwest at nightfall, just above the horizon. Antlia, the air pump is to its left. Nicholas Louis de

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