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Which matters when we come back congressman ship. Roy from texas is going to join me. His district stretches from austin down to the south texas border. He's been down repeatedly. He seemed people fleeing across the border. He's also got legislation pending that would declare the drug cartels terrorist organizations allowing more effective combat against them as their trafficking people across the american border. He's got some incredible stories. I want to talk to him about hello and welcome it. Is eric erickson here. Across the nation. The phone number. Eight seven seven seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. Join me by phoned My friend and the congressman from the great state of texas congressman ship. Roy how are you eric. I'm doing great. Because i'm in texas and life is good but i hope you and your wonderful family. You're doing great. My wife says tell you hello. And she's ready to come visit. Well she should come visit but come sola a lot more fun here. It's a matter of going to tell you. She actually said she wants to ride her harley by herself in coming out with your wife come on out. Yep she'll do it all right. I i you have injuries legislation About the drug cartels. I wanted to talk to you about that. And in part of what captured. My attention was a clip You or somebody on the staff city last week talking about the operational control the cartels have in some portions of the border area. That has not gotten a lot of public attention. Well that's right. I mean and even more than that. How far is reaching up into texas China actually read it Op ed and national review. Day before yesterday when nicole bishop who the district attorney kendall county now to put that in perspective at the suburb of san antonio bernie texas great town. It's growing but it's it's pretty you know suburban and Nicole ran across the situation where she's now had multiple rests where they've run across cartels moving human beings into The slave trade into the sex trafficking trade. They caught one car that had nine people in it to all be stuffed into a truck and they were headed to stash house in houston to be put into the human trafficking trade one of the boys that paid four thousand dollars to the cartel. Del este to be sent to go pick grapes in california but he didn't know you were going to be sent to houston. This is reaching into our community..

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