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In what the french government is celebrating as global i francis digital affairs minister says facebook will provide thorns i._p. addresses to help identify authors of hateful content he said he hopes the cooperation will be extended to other countries as well facebook said in a statement that it'll help provide basic information in criminal hate speech cases to french authorities but will push back if the request is overbroad inconsistent with human rights or legally defective like many countries france has been battling violent the directors guild of america is favoring theatrical releases over streaming it's changing the eligibility rule for its top award which has been renamed it's now called the outstanding directory achievement in theatrical feature film the deejay says the board voted unanimously to require that film's premiere in theaters i before becoming available on any other platform all all of its previous feature film nominees would still qualify under the new rule including last year's winner roma which was a netflix movie that debuted in theaters before being made available to streaming subscribers full it is cutting twelve thousand jobs in europe the cuts for about a fifth of fold spook fulls in europe and it's part of a restructuring plan that includes the closure of six plants the company said that the positions would be eliminated mostly through voluntary agreements through the end of twenty twenty some two thousand of the cuts will be salaried positions politics seven thousand white collar jobs being shed his politics global restructuring the figure of twelve thousand job losses include some that have already been announced such as seventeen hundred from the proposed closing the engine plant in bridgend wales fold is also closing applause in france three in russia and is selling another in slovakia a._p. radio news i'm jacky quin president trump is meeting jointly with the leaders of india and japan honor to be here and my two very good friends we've gotten to know each other very well over a short period of time the meetings come on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in osaka in miami ten of the twenty five democrats seeking the presidency next year are sparring over health care and how to ensure that americans have affordable coverage president trump's expected to sign the emergency funding bill to help the thousands of migrants in u._s. custody at the southern border the house passed the senate four point six billion dollar measure to provide funding for care for tens of thousands of migrants along the border with mexico speaker nancy pelosi promise she and other democrats will continue the fight against trump administration's immigration policies battle cry as how we go forward you protect children texas democratic congresswoman veronica escobar noted that the photo oh of a father and his toddler daughter who drowned in the rio grande represents tens of thousands of migrants who have died as they have tried to build a better life for themselves to mcguire washington the associated press videographers have witnessed or raid in mexico soldiers stopped a train with dozens of central american migrants part of the crackdown that they pledged to president trump the prisoner issy jesting that the u._s. centers be halted next year because the u._s. supreme court is blocked his citizenship question saying the government has not proved that it's needed the court also said it will stay out of two gerrymandering cases police in san jose say five people killed in a weekend shooting we're all related the gunman who killed himself reportedly angry that his wife got visas for her relatives to come visit from vietnam this is a._p. radio news this n. it could take up a measure to moro which would amend a sweeping defense bill and require congressional support for any military action before the president orders a military strike it follows the increasing tensions with iran but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he doesn't think it's needed i think everybody will take a deep breath this is not in my view any different from the situations other presidents of both parties of confronts in nineteen seventy nine in dealing with the latest iranian outrage and so i support what the administration is doing so far Nasa says that it's ready to launch a drone to explore Saturn's largest moon, Dragonfly will be the first drone Lander with the capability to fly over one hundred miles through titan's thick atmosphere. The craft is known as.

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