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Local news weather and traffic that you need each day This message furnished by the national association of broadcasters Wednesday morning may 4th welcome to the middle of the week everybody 1238 in the morning on a double DTO team Traffic and weather on the 8s and witted brakes over to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center For the moment nobody budging as far as the work sounds go on 66 in Virginia eastbound between the Prince William Parkland subtly road still down to a single rod lane to the work zone but be aware it is raining very heavy out in Prince William county and again as you heard dean mentioned that there are some heavy storms moving through portions of culpeper county and falkirk county as well headed toward Prince William so beware also getting some reports of hail so please be careful Beyond that works in a manassas everyone still diverted from both directions on 66 to Nord found 28 as a result of the bridge work in the interchange Again follow the posted detour will take up the westfield boulevard then back south on 28 to rejoin 66 Easter west depending on which way you're going I also working eastbound as you approach the fairfax county Parkway to right lanes get you by and then approaching the belly also down to two right lanes through the work zone Maryland side 95 north finished north of one 98 Laurel still getting by that work two lanes to the left but as of late doing so without the light rich hunter WTO traffic We've got some shower activity out there right now some rain some thunderstorms continuing to move through the area That means some rather wet roadways right on through the morning hours for that morning commute on Wednesday So give yourself plenty of extra time on.

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