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Do outside my pajamas. I never cared. Because that's sabotaging my onesie things. I put a hoodie on over. One parcel it looks like leggings. You just gotta go. We are never cared as we put people on pedestals just because they tied him i yes and i'm not gonna lie. I can't. I didn't really care about political thing until i start getting into an atmosphere will. I had to deal with it. Okay i have twenty twenty really like made some changes like i guess i would say in my house for politics. We didn't really care until trump got elected the first time then all of a sudden it was like yo the world is real like obama's gone and we have donald trump. I remember joking with my kids. Tell them like okay. If trump wins. We're gonna. We're gonna move to canada like we're just this and it doesn't joke. I was just being funny so then in the morning the kids wake up like who won the election. I said oh. Pack your bags. Let's go and they were like we just started at this school. I'm like okay but we go everybody's muslim like the president right so some people are gonna be upset right. I get that but we went from one extreme. No trump no different from when he was in presidency my point so then the next day. The nasdaq isn't eighty and citizenship. Site crashed because so many people applied for citizenship. I just don't think chumps. Been trump. Like i mean he's a business at the end yet but okay think dig deeper than trump. His parents right. This was this exactly so you gone. Look deeper so like it's not intentionally like at the things you tell kids you still love him right you. You put them so that they can go this way. Then go that way but they want them to have that love for you. Trust like at the end of the day. My mama la unless you really love. I mean his. His parents never sat him down talking about bro the hairstyle. That ain't going to do it. Spray tan like the like bro. Being real be wrong right okay. Songs trump is trump naming. Many too many fried. Though why i've heard studies. I can tell you what mind young ladies night. we want to talk about. I i only ask the question. Just as a devil's advocate don't get me wrong patriarchs capitalistic society Think about the hip hop. You don't hear women talk about trump you hear about the man's talk about trump and they hit but how do they talk about money for. I wanna be like business on wealth right but then again we know if you do the issue like he yes. He has multiple business. They could put that on a resume again. End of the day is the success of the business. But then you know so like you you break down so it was like you know as the person in the hip hop and all that stuff like. I just can't go against something because somebody else feels that. Certainly i have to understanding for myself at the end of the day. Just brought facts. I just think like will you know we. We sold trump in the songs. The what's wrong you know and it's not like against i'm four trump is. I'm asking my people. What is your thought you know what saying like well why. Why was he doing it. Why is this. Why is this happening to me. Is gaining wisdom again educated but everything's misconstrued. You know like we can't just congratulate shot. He's been on the line And helicopter definitely eugene. That's the one that told me about new numerology goliath you i swear to god i'll tell you about who you are just off number that's crazy. I that's intriguing. I had landon. Devan read me. That was the first i was like. Okay that kind of is me. I'm telling you is deeper. Because at the end you come from a world. That's everlasting revolving. His changes different was the same but to have somebody else. Tell you so much about yourself. you're just like yup. that is me. Be that accountability. Because you buy on anne then you feel some type of way that you're still doing on personality type quiz. I'll really not a results an isp but what does that An introverted introspective feeling in And samir linked to that. So i can do this so yeah. I usually do like for a college student depending on what What you're going into okay. And they broken down personalities into letters Are atkinson is stands for. When i did this person. I i've never where you honest honest yet. And that's what that's what it is. You have to take it by yourself. When i look in the mirror. I know what's wrong with me. Because i don't want to talk about. It is different. But i know it's rough. It's a lot like numerology. It definitely breaks down characteristics. Personality numerology goes further because they can tell you things such as hopes desires And based off the chew you based off right because that we definitely don't pick her name you know it's like number eight three three so look I hardly know my friend. I definitely do votes or cal dean. Then you go to there and to be honest with me like i was on the fence you know but i. I went back to like me doing history. I go back to the route that i feel comfortable. And with cow dean is more of our ethnicity lies and it's more accurate. It's more just based is truly. The blueprint is crazy down talking about this. Because that's what this morning was for me about. Okay i definitely had a whole new book. And i was reading. I was learning different. You got to do your research. Research doesn't just start another book. Like i'm finding out by myself that i'm intrigued about different things because if i tell you i don't like to read to read things that our interests i mean. I think that's anybody. That's what the bible and i couldn't just read the by can't add to read. I had to have the bible. Anfernee the cavern against the torah. I had to have all of it. Because it like there's so many variations of what happened in so many like yes. I have to look at how they study. I have to look at how buddhist study. And then you've got to how you interpret it right at the end of the day. We got us who the author is about. Ever read that book and the tone that they because i want to be an close to show you know so like if that's what i need to do to get the best knowledge out of this book been yet. Let me get that audio book. You know this person. I shouted and not like 'cause i got an but like this is the game we still on asked me what i need to download this. Apparently i needed to take personality tests up seven would like how to seven words. Don't even know about that. Seventy from my studies they serve. Regardless of the religion or would've is heightened numberth days Think about seven in the casino two weeks in a year plus two seven. I think i need this.

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