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Was just trying to keep his face covered and it was just pitch black in my house in the daytime The fight is putting out the fire and all you can see is this black smoking from my window About 200 members of the FDNY responding to the fire with units arriving within three minutes of the first 9-1-1 call They are Adams says firefighters risk their own lives to save others Many of them oxygen tanks were on empty But instead of turning back and exiting the building they Bush pushed through the smoke More than 60 people hospitalized most with severe smoke inhalation CDC director Rochelle Walensky making an important statement regarding who's dying of COVID The overwhelming number of deaths over 75% occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities So really these are people who are unwell to begin with Prices are heading sky high at the supermarket John cassettes owner operator of 77 W ABC and chairman CEO of Christina supermarkets appearing on Fox business warning of a meat and egg shortage the high price of oil driving up the cost of transportation from food suppliers which is passed on to you and me at the checkout counter If we turn on Canada and we turn up Alaska the price of oil crude oil could go down $20 a barrel almost over 60 90 day period calls for New York coming to Kathy hulka to bag new Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg are growing bragga has decriminalized crimes ranging from prostitution to resisting arrest It's no secret many New York City business owners are angry over DA Bragg's slap on the wrist policy The New York Post reporting the partnership for New York City will meet with Bragg to discuss their concerns Some members of the group also talking about efforts to recall the newly elected prosecutor Former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton telling John cassavetes on Sunday's cats roundtable that brag is putting the lives of New Yorkers and police in danger with his radical new policies As well intended in the sense of trying to find a way to address some of the issues of the past but you don't address the issues of the past but effectively decriminalizing just about everything in New York City NYPD top com kishon sewell says she plans on meeting with Bragg and also wrote a letter expressing concern for the safety of her officers meantime brag is doubling down on his radical policies We need to be directing our prosecutorial resources to our uptick in gun violence So the thesis is clear The status quo is not working and we have significant public safety issues So we need to be focused on our resources on guns and sexual assaults Not on fair beating Next house dispersed tonight nets are in Portland rangers at the king's forecast of the Ramsey moza when the center tonight will be partly cloudy Frigid getting down to 16 tomorrow sunny extremely cold with the high of only 20° Right now 27 partly cloudy outside the midtown Manhattan studios Checking the price of precious metals gold is at 1008 O 1.84 up 5.15 silver standing at 22.48 up 0.12 platinum 9 57.52 that's down 19.26 This precious metal is update brought to you by monetary gold wealth security.

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