Republican National Committee, Pierre Thomas, FBI discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Prediction first ABC news at six o'clock from ABC news and she repressed and Thursday mornings are when we find out from the labor department how many more people have filed for unemployment benefits last week the country is re opening but ABC's Erica Turkey says the economic pain from the pandemic drags on the number of new claims for unemployment benefits is trending down but by any measure the job market is in rough shape one point five million Americans applied for jobless benefits last week and the federal reserve is predicting an unemployment rate above nine percent for the remainder of the year the fed said there would be an extended period where work will be hard to find if you've got half a million dollars had no covert nineteen symptoms you could attend president trump's fundraiser in Dallas tonight all of those going will have to be tested for the corona virus ABC's Jim Ryan is in Dallas with more the precise location of the president's five hundred eighty thousand dollar a couple event hasn't been disclosed except that it's in a private home in Dallas is Preston hollow neighborhood the city's deepest concentration of billionaires before that the president hosts a roundtable with civic leaders at a church not far from Preston hollow the topic says the White House solutions to historic economic health and justice disparities in American communities Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas as peaceful protests against racism continue across the country a new ABC news analysis of FBI numbers finds that in eight hundred jurisdictions black Americans were arrested at a rate five times that of white Americans and in some cases it's double that in two hundred and fifty localities blacks were ten times more likely to be arrested than their white counterparts in places like Minneapolis where Mr Floyd died African Americans make up just over nineteen percent of the total population but account for a whopping sixty three percent of arrests and ABC chief justice and law enforcement correspondent Pierre Thomas a two part party the Republican National Committee is approved a pared down convention in Charlotte this August the president's acceptance speech however will be in Florida this is ABC news.

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