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So talk a little bit about the magnitude of that problem, which is to say, not just illegal aliens, but very bad guys coming through as illegal aliens. Well, I kind of goes back to the Kate steinle case, whereas you had an illegal alien who killed Kate Stanley out in California, he should have already been deported, but because of the policies in the sanctuary cities, he was never deported because they wouldn't cooperate with immigration officials. That happens. Now, what do you think, I mean, the media describes us as a stunt and it may be a stunt, but I think it's a very good stunt. What do you think about this idea of that Abbott is doing and desantis is doing? And others should be doing as well, which is look, you know, if you want to flood our areas with illegals, we're gonna be dispatching them to Aspen, Colorado, and Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod and Kenny bunk board, Maine. So your favorite hotspots, your chic areas are going to start getting to deal with this problem as well, and it's funny to see how the left shrieks with horror when these people show up in their neighborhoods. The hypocrisy of the left knows no balance with regards to this case. Within 48 hours they had a National Guard escorting the aliens out of Martha's vineyards. And I mean, in some ways, I guess we could even think about the word hypocrisy because it's hypocritical if they subscribed to one standard, but then violate it, but it's quite possible that, as you say, the motives are purely political, they don't actually care about the aliens. They don't care about these people. These people are pawns in a political game. And so sure, why would they want them to show up in their neighborhood? Their whole idea is to bring them in the country and then exploit them for political purposes. I mean, the Democrats have actually been doing something like this in one form or the other for a couple of centuries. Right, and they don't care about they only care about what happens in their backyard. When it affects them directly, they don't care about the people on the border. Look at these small towns, 34, 35,000 people in these border towns, and they're being overrun by thousands and thousands every day. And the human cost of it. The people that are being killed in the high speed chases, nobody's caring. Nobody cares about the border towns and their populations. Even representative cuellar, a Democrat has been, he's been talking loudly about it to the administration saying this is wrong. And he's a Democrat. Well, I certainly hope dean that the Hispanics in those areas like the south part of Texas really hit back at the Democratic Party and send a message loud and clear in November. Hey, thank you very much for joining me with your perspective. I really appreciate it quest for perspective dot com. That's the website. Or

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