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And welcome back paranormal pets. I have my guest today. Shannon spring Shannon. How are you doing? I am doing. We are doing pretty well. It's been a wild and crazy New Year's, but we are in twenty nineteen and you are first interview of the new year. So congratulations. And thank you, thank you. We're delighted to have you. We actually met at interestingly enough, Acerra soda events that was talking about weed you boards. Right. It was actually pretty interesting because I'm not quite sure how our conversation started, but I think right in the middle of the session, we were making our ouija boards and talking about them, and, and you turn around, and we started talking about animal communication. So you're perfect for the show semi. Let me start off by asking. How long have you been doing animal communication longer than I had realized I have professionally been out of the closet for a year? And I had been doing it on my own without knowing it with. My own dogs so with my own dogs visiting the dreams having premonitions and then just practicing with friends pets. And I finally started putting myself out there getting some real cold cases, that's wild. So I mean how did you get started? He said dreams and from initiatives. But what really led you to understand that you weren't animal communicator is funny, after I had posted a lot of my own stories on Facebook people were saying, well, this is really unusual, and it was sort of normal to me. But then I started realizing this is unique in, I was actually talking with a professional psychic who's not an animal communicator. She does human spirits, and I actually do both which sets me apart from some other animal communicators, and she said, Shannon, you're an animal communicator, and you don't yet know it and that got me, very excited. And that's when I started signing up to take some medium ship training, most of my training was with human spirits, and then I also went over to finish horns Scotland in studied animal, a nature communication, and that's when it really blew wide open. So. So how do you know that you're an animal communicator? I mean, what was the indicator for you wanna mentors do that way? Yeah. Absolutely. Because I'm picking up on messages from my own animals and other people's animals. Do you want me to share a story with you or let's start with the story? Okay. So I started off actually teaching animal kindness classes, my dogs and I would visit schools. We talk all about being kind to animals, and I was telling history that my dog Duckie, who is a black dog. Who's in heaven with sharing the kids about how black dogs have a hard time getting adopted how I really miss Ducky how she had just passed and within twenty four hours of Duckie passing. I also I saw two rainbow colored orbs like dancing cubes of light in front of me. And that was so exciting to me because I knew it was Duckie coming to visit. Then it got kicked up a huge notch when I was teaching the summer camp. And I was talking about Duckie and was about to introduce a clip on wildlife communicator, named Anna Breytenbach, and as was introducing this clip, I really miss Duckie. I hear from her all. All the time and I turned around to play this clip on YouTube in up out of nowhere came a photograph of my dog Duckie in heaven. I hadn't cute it up. It wasn't on my home screen. It was a photo. I hadn't seen in years, and the kids, all started chanting Duckie Duckie Duckie coming down from heaven, to tell her mom that she loves her. And we all smiled and enjoyed it than the photograph went away, the kids would chant, her name the photograph would reappear. And this went on for a good, five minutes of actually have a little snippet of it on my Facebook page, mayor puppy fans where I had the, the kid reenact what happened, and we showed the photograph that Duckie my dog from heaven, literally came in as a guest speaker to teach animal communication. So your own pets are it's nice when they help you out right yet. My I have two dogs here on earth. And then my spirit team, I've got nine dogs up in heaven,.

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