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ABC News. John Chuck's secrets in the man whose to preside at the next Trump impeachment Senate trial is right now in a Washington hospital, Senator Patrick Leahy, taking the past hours on recommendation of the Capitol physician after a spokesperson says Lee wasn't feeling too well admitted for observation lays 80 hours after he was sworn in as presiding officer in the impeachment trial. Do so how good Senate Republicans overwhelmingly voted against moving forward with President Trump's try align the measure that did not pass Yes, ABC is Karen Travers. Interestingly, Biden likes to talk about how much experience he has up in the Capitol Hill his memories of servings 36 years in the Senate, But he said the Senate is very different from when he was there. And he does not think that there would be 17 Republican senators that would sign on to convict the president. Justice Department says is working to build sedition charges against members of the mob who attacked the capital on January 6th. Investigators say hundreds have been arrested with more to come. Acting U S Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, regardless of the level of criminal conduct, we're not selectively on Lee targeting or tried to charge the most significant crime if a crime was committed, we are charging you regards if you're outside or inside the Capitol to include Misdemeanors administration taking more action on covert vaccines. The President review the Trump vaccine supply and said This is unacceptable. President Biden, saying the former president never Had the several 100 million vaccine reserves promised and that he's now ordered 200 million. More doses by summer will also give states of three week forecast for how many doses they'll receive so they can carry out their plans to vaccinate as many people as possible and the field ABC NEWS Washington She's now fully inoculated by getting her second Covic shot. Publicly today, Vice President Kamila Harris put it in. Apparently, it did not hurt too much. I hear that a lot of Wall Street's major indexes closed slightly lower Your listening to ABC News paid for by asset Mark Our top local story. It is snowing and there are accidents everywhere. Side roads are slick all over the metro area, starting to stick on area freeways, which are crowded and very slow moving. Make sure you have traction devices before you start out. And take your time. Once you're on the road, Portland Police now say it was an elderly woman who died in yesterday's hit and run crash that also injured nine other people. 11 90 Katie exits, Bradford reports The suspect was doing 50 to 60 Miles an hour through the residential streets of southeast Portland police he had covered an area from East Burnside to Belmont and Southeast Cesar Chavez to 15th Avenue. The suspect was taken to a hospital after his arrest. Detective say it appears he did intend to hit people. But it was not a terrorist incident of bias incident or Politically motivated attack. The man's name will be released after he's booked into jail. The woman who was killed his identified his 77 year old Jean Garrett, of Portland, a man is under arrest, accused of assaulting an Asian American woman on a tribe that bus while making racial slurs. The Multnomah County D A. Says Peter s right, allegedly made the comments regarding the coronavirus based on her national origin, race and skin. Color s right kick the woman in both shins. She had trouble walking but didn't need to be taken to a hospital that's right, was arrested, charged with a bias crime in felonies. Salt Oregon has 796 new cases of covert today and 22 new deaths, including two more Oregon state prison inmates. So far, 325,000 people have been vaccinated and fitness centers in extreme risk. Oregon counties will be able to open now on a limited basis. Starting Friday, Governor Brown has modified the rule. A bill in the Oregon Legislature would make it easier to get electronic psych tablets or cell phones fixed so you don't have to toss him and buy.

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