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Ideal do now and the ma i. It's it's a barry soul. Yes now no no no not doing too heavy at right buddy. Does young metalhead homes have some jealousy that enforce got signed by century media an nfl year. Never even sniffen offer from phone now that you know. I mean we had to turn down. We've turned down anyway. Plus we're not a metal man. It would be neat if they did. But now i'm now i'm the least jealous about that. I'm very happy that my is living his dream. We're not more us right. Exactly Most regrettable tattoo you've ever seen on somebody Any time. I see like a woman. Walking on lark street oral a stripper may have a man's name on their neck on their back. Or that's very regrettable. The worst i ever saw was a woman who had no other tattoos. Who had this tattoo had to be almost a foot long and five inches high on her arm her forearms. he can't hide it. And it said the beatles in like i wait a minute. Who is that. I don't know some some person at a party s. I've seen the same person she's from around here. I'm not surprised without a doubt must regrettable tattoo ever seen him. It was on like stop staring. That's the size of said. You'd like if the beatles contacted her and we're like you're officially in like fucking like oppy right zone here and put her two thousand too god damn after you fired him. Lon horiuchi is doing porn in new york under. Go on guyland. Oh can't be winners. Emerson lake and oriole fucking very dumb and i love it. Great joke have you ever punched a co worker. Because i'm about to. Yes you did pizza. Wow all right. I know domino's domino's h- domino's and then let you get away remembering domino's and then no i didn't work for papa. John's thank you very much No and then. I left and i went across the parking lot and then went to pizza hut nassar. They're hiring and then. I finished my shift pizza hut driver you know not only did i punch a co worker. I also punched a roommate at the same time. All right Should the cdc come out and say mad ball. Did nothing wrong. Apparently i i think you definitely hear if somebody was like. Oh my fucking joey. Showing joey from new jersey died. People were waiting with baited breath. For somebody to get sick. There didn't have gross waiting for somebody to get sick. Actually who posts that. She should be fucking waiting with like rubbing your hands together being like. Oh hope so. I hope i literally saying without saying. I hope someone gets sick from this. Yup because then i'll have something to talk about what's cool because you can anyone anyone who wanted to humanize. Now you just do it. So it's fine. Just look focus. I don't care like whatever teach for also listen. Love being stolen fans really. It's fantastic our last one. If a random country gave us three citizenship to win eurovision. Could you do it. Is your vision like a saint contest. Seen contest it might leave the us. Anytime i wanted. Yes absolutely sure. Yeah no question. Stretch these pipes out no problem On the beautiful. The beauty of being confidence is that. If you lose it's totally okay does okay. You're already settled. You're like oh my god i love. I would love citizenship. Somewhere else can go to can-canada some are better. Can't khanate us. Pretty good kannada grenada. Canadian green all right. That's it we got some misconceptions here. We've been calling for a little while. He's down weird. But you know producer. Hannah of the pride of michigan is helping us out every week. Doing god's work producer. Hannah no longer associate producer. Has she raise and promotion must be nice. Yeah your hand. And now she's got the hollywood all opt up us us on her resume. Three wolf moon colony new york. I were three wolf moon for the first time tonight released. You resisted my lord. I can respect. That fuck is three mon rb to ask the oracle with that is three is that is that cologne. Release maya lower. Yeah you resist it. You released my lord. I can respect that. Three wolf moon is a shirt with three wolves howling at the moon. Oh my god way. Worse than i ever could have thought. Jesus christ pay its. Construction guy sits on wikipedia. This business deep dive sponsored by three wolf moon. We talk about construction guy. We were talking about door installation at home depot. I bet you kept adjusting your crotch. We got interrupted by your but you're looked back and smiled as left. If you see this and we're sending a signal that you need some attention let me know. I'd be happy to send you help you out. I am open-minded please. Tax me email. Fast mom seventy five yard. Let's your wife's jim now. First of all also you know what. No one's trying to pick women at home depot. Sorry that's not the place for it. I think this is the this is now forever question music for hong to help with my wife saratoga springs for a hung male nine inches or more to surprise my wife with late tonight. Surprise some and our house i host. Let's be honest i'm tired. This might be most then picks and stats to get a reply. Little tired music for a big hung. Stud take care of his. What talking about doors home day. Defibrillator heart you came to install a defibrillators in the lab. We're building in boulder the exchange some glances who smiles and our names via brief conversation. You left then. I think my heart stopped beating. Does the equipment out on me before disappearing from my life forever or will it be. Perhaps she will see this meat. Aging professional wrestler didn't stab that guy of moods weekend at fatty he's high high. Just moved here from california. You actually have the gumption gonna come talk to me about my stick are oh my god. I'm socially awkward. You don't say oh fuck away easily overwhelmed and couldn't figure out how to make friends. I'm sorry to me. We can at fats for this. You fucking bill. Hunter shirt in fort collins colorado. Hey nice shirt. i don't have kids but bet you couldn't handle me grocery store a three in the afternoon deal that i'd like to fuck gorgeous gorgeous girl at taco bell. I looked for my case a loop. I looked up for my case a lupu to see the most beautiful asset ever seen looking right back at me. You must have noticed your ass looking at me too because you turned and we bathed brief icon before we both smiled at each other and then he moved forward to order. If you only knew the connection my heart and your heart shaped bass made you could probably probably could have had me eating something much more healthy and hardy then taco bell i. Her vagina has ended attritional valley. It's been anti nutrient a negative calorie meal. It's a green apple. If you come on to see this and want to try and wanna meet me back taco bell for a fourth and maybe like unwrap that spicy burrito for me somewhere else. I'm it's enough all kidding aside. You're amazing. I hope you see this and if you do tell me what you were made wearing. Wrap it up chief. Chief volunteered to be my personal assistant. Come looking for a female willing to be a personal assistant the times on call situation so you must have a flexible schedule. You would mostly be assisting mostly assisting my husband with certain tasks that in needs completed basically the things that i don't wanna do only have time to do blow job If this catches your attention. I'm more than happy to provide better detailed description. If you email me must be at least twenty one or older to apply. Valid verification will be required. Please send photo of email. So i know you're real. Thank you hope to hear from you soon. Wow right nicole scratch. Hey cy fiscal fish pin hat. I saw you at my friend. Dan's has two weeks ago. We're back to the nineties. This is the very you were flopped on a couch in his dining room. The smell of east cigarette was intoxicating. Not all the way. That god i faded into oblivion from a daily of irish whiskey and as i awoke the next morning the only remnants of you was about how blessed taco bell cup the fuck still sweaty with condensation. What was heavy on my heart much much. Like how heavier atmosphere. You have like thirty fish pens on it is that i never asked your name. But your friend's house right. You can really. Who is that guy laying and your couch would. I don't know holy holy of massachusetts. How long johns in carmel. New york or carmel new york right thirty seven mile and the carmel area. We used to meet up. Weekly or biweekly. Your special delivery of crane filled long johns planning chocolate. Me know if you have any fresh clean long. Johns me now. You know extra breast milk andrew. Del desi much. I too much breast milk able to spare some. If you're interested please reach out with love to latch on so you don't have to add more bags to your freezer. And that is he's likes. Colostrum the colostrum but you can drink muscle milk. Colostrum is also a muscle all right so there you go thank you very much. Everybody cool radio city music hall to open at one hundred percent capacity and right now but happening fuck the nfl draft triumphant. Return to new york. Let's our rights. Thank you everybody for listening. I'm thinking of craig for a than down tickling the ivories of course and thank you to andrew for being andrew. Yeah do a couple of commercials now if we do that. Donate the right van. Wyk do it now. You don van white please. just look it up. Posted the posted his can stuff a million times. Just go and look in donate already perfect gut for so we have all the ghost. Older goes dot com and older instagram. Now does time to go to the older ghosts app on the app store and you will find vintage clothing vintage prices. No million dollar t shirts here folks. This is a hard working gal. That brings awesome vintage clothing to you for the right price. Cool stuff she has great taste. And i know that you'll love when you go. Direct your browser or your phone or your life too you. Only gross dot com also damascene. Dan bikini dot com. It is time. He is going events coming back. Weddings are coming back. This motherfuckers probably taken snaps. Left right and center He has groto viewer called cruel summer that he came up with last year. However it is still very valid under this very interesting thing. So i love how he loves it. You love it. So what anyways or liquid death water liquid deaf deaf mountain water or liquid death dot com. Use the promo code o. N. d. for either you fifteen percent i order. That's not bad. Have you spent thousands of dollars on ineffective zombie protective devices. That just don't cut it then. You need liquid death. No brainer Don't wait get your limited edition. No brainer today for just one. Easy payment of two thousand nine ninety five liquid dot com slash no brainer Us recall makoto. Wendy for fifty percents off this brain saving wearable tech will only be available all supplies last. This is essentially beer helmet but for water. Oh okay it's really what they're pushing murder. You're thirsty you're exhaustion and that lingering a hangover with just one highly versatile weaponized beverage experience liquid water. I can't wait to travel again by. Look the death water on the road again treat. I can't wait to civil tub into myself. Tonight comes great awesome. All right love. You be good. Y'all take care say is that i'm i'm waiting for her because we're going to be looking at pods. I online later on today. So i'm i can get a type of videos and then you go getter john quality and many times over but companies on tight hug verb at you like ever let me. He kept me up with them to send money a living struggling the amount of money that we but we little bit helps and why not help get.

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