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The fort bragg easy sacking airborne division all american poorest singing our national anthem the military very important of course to all of us but particularly year in north carolina where there are so many military bases in so tonight on military appreciation night a very well done in stirring rendition of our national anthem as we get ready for the start of tonight's game it'll be keith kin key in goal he'll be manning the goal to our left in cam ward will be manning the goal two our right the first period is driven by going official sponsor of the national hockey league francis chirac and kelly sutherland or the referees kyle murchison and chain higher or the linesmen tonight and as the blair's leave the rink nor broad down the runway to our right one last round of applause from the crowd that gathered here uh obviously there didn't guarantee line ablaze lot of sunday afternoon gains at five and so this is not unusual for them but a bit of an unusual start for the new jersey devils the earlier today philadelphia defeated the rangers by a score of seven to four philadelphia now with seventy points so the top three teams in the metropolitan division with set in the or more washington with seventy three pittsburgh seventy two they'll play columbus a little later on and then philadelphia which picked up it's thirty at one of the season with seventy the devil's can joined that trio with seventy four point you the victory tonight carolina meanwhile outside looking abe but they're just a point behind the second wildcard team the new york islanders they do trail the devil's five five and the devil's with this winning streak modest though it may be it three games to enable open up a little space speech themselves if some of the challegers right now the rangers with 59 coins devils the eleven points ahead of them with.

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