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Observatory and one of the world's largest radio telescopes in normally hums 247 gathering faint signals from objects in outer space sir bouncing radar off asteroids but as an pierce scott newman reports hurricane maria has knocked the facility offline the era cbo observatory used to be the kind of place known mostly to scientists that is until it was the backdrop for the 1997 film contact after jodie foster a played an astronomer whose team intercepts a mysterious signal from deep space i gotta they got in a bad state hera cbo is a one thousand foot dish sitting like a bull in a giant sinkhole as the observatory staff sheltered in place the storm's one hundred mph winds whipped through the surrounding hills and rattled a huge antenna suspended above the main dish sending it crashing down nicholas white is with the universities space research association which helps run the observatory he says it could have been a lot worse we only got me confirm do we want to align feet from the unkind i for one of the radar system was lost give them up fouling maybe puncture the goodison with you klay who area siebe was built in the '60s in has numerous first to its credit it found the first planets around other stars it was also the first telescope to imagine asteroid it's still track socalled near earth objects the pass uncomfortably close lance spinner of the jet propulsion laboratory has travelled to ari cbo dozen of times he says he'd like to see the observatory back on line as soon as possible because there cbo just has on parallel sensitivity as a radar facility i mean it's by far the most sensitive monitoring radar and the world.

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