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Toward Clark was a gentle soul and a heck of a football player god bless and god bless his family god bless his soul Huey Lewis also took they take guys out on the road with them forty nine is on the road with in the play music here's you Lewis and the news here they are with with this song coal mine this is them singing with the late great Dwight Clark you hear him come in Dwight Clark sitting in Lewis and the news first performed in adults too I Clark's on a really good first performed the national anthem at a forty nine is game in nineteen eighty one at the urging of Joe Montana and Dwight Clark in the band became the team's good luck anthem performer Carmen policy was the team's chief exact under Eddie DeBartolo says when he we rang this excuse me saying the other we like to stay and watch the game on the sidelines NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is on a rampage about having stars and celebrities on the sidelines raiders always had James Garner so we put a rule out that no one was allowed on the sidelines unless they were working right hi well there's more to that story not share it with a straight ahead more your phone calls or any phone calls coming up also.

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