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Within moments that community would be sharing in loss seeking to save lives as a car runs straight into the parade. As children danced to the music, the red SUV raced pals those watching from the edge of the street. Ahead, the road was full of those taking part in the march itself. The vehicle continued through them with dreadful consequence. We have multiple casualties. Oh my gosh. At least 5 people were killed and more than 40 injured amongst the many children. The next thing I heard were screams, and turned my head and saw the car common plow into the band that was just passed my balcony at that point. It hit at least two people right away, rolled over both of them, and then continued down the road. As the car sped on, police opened fire. I saw people right away run the people that were hit and start doing CPR and I saw people on the ground. This one. It's really bad. This is the man knowing custody, Daryl Brooks seen here in a rap video in front of the red SUV. Donald Brooks is known to police and already faces a charge of deliberately running a woman down with his car. Domestic disturbance. Which just means prior in suspect left that scene just prior to our arrival to the domestic disturbance. He now faces 5 charges of intentional homicide, further charges relating to the injury of 48 adults and children will follow. Emma Murphy, music ten, in the United States. Daryl Brooks would subsequently be charged with 6 counts of first degree murder along with an additional 70 felony charges. I watched the trial closely, which means I watched a good portion of it. The trial did extend for about a month. And what I'd like to do now is I'd like to share with you some segments from that trial, and we're going to begin by a pre trial hearing and which Darrell Brooks fires his defense team, declares himself to be a sovereign citizen and announces to the court that he's going to defend himself. Now, if you're listening to the audio version of this podcast, the voice you're going to hear narrating this clip is a man by the name of Jesse Weber, who is with the law and crime, sidebar podcast. Do you wish to represent yourself in this case? Yes, I do. Before I'm sorry, go ahead. I would like to represent myself pro part. What does that mean to you, sir? Explain to me that request. Again, because I've already said it on record. To represent myself as a siren citizen. I'm not going to make a determination or whether you're a sovereign citizen or not. It's not relevant to my determination, how you characterize who you are. So if you are allowed to represent yourself in this case, sir. You will not have attorneys assisting you. If I let them withdraw, they are gone from this case. Do you understand that? I think I will probably be better served. Representing myself. And judge Darrow did allow Brooks to represent himself. Now, he may look back on that decision and say, that probably wasn't the best choice. But what was fascinating is that Brooks identifies as a sovereign citizen. This is someone who doesn't really believe that they are under the jurisdiction of the government, that they're exempt from U.S. laws, which is seemingly why he would make repeated statements about his legal name or statements that would undermine the authority of the court and the trial. Sir, did you hear me tell you about the penalties for these offenses just now? I don't understand the nature and cause of the charges. I'm not asking you that, sir. Did you hear me advise you of the penalties for hit and run resulting in death? Any questions for this witness? Yes, I do for the record I don't consent to that name. Are we going to address subject matter jurisdiction? The written decision that I previously entered is what I will stand down. I'm not going to address it any further. Is that verified proof? Can we address subject matter jurisdiction is still has to be proven for the record? I declined to do so. Ah, yes, the infamous subject matter jurisdiction argument that he made throughout the trial, even till the very end. And it's an issue that really has no basis in law because of this court does in fact have the jurisdiction to handle this criminal case. But as the trial progressed, Brooks became even more argumentative and would constantly interrupt the judge. To the point that he would get kicked out of court and placed in a neighboring courtroom with audio and visual tool tools so he could see and hear everything. But it was intense and bizarre, nonetheless. Before I need to make a record that at 8 42 a.m. this court ordered mister Brooks be removed from the courtroom due to repeated interruptions and disruption with the court, you can see that he is seated with his back to the court or to the camera. He took his shirt off as well. I'm also told that he is threatening to throw and break items. Yeah. Throughout the trial, Daryl Brooks made the assertion that he is a Christian. In fact, at his defense table, whether he was in the main courtroom or the alternate courtroom where he had to be placed on time out basically because he couldn't behave himself. He had a large paperback Bible at his table in front of him. In fact, there was one point where the judge when she was making a record of Daryl Brooks behavior referred to the Bible as a book. And he took offense at that. Take a look. All right, mister Brooks, do you have any position on that? I am unmuting you. I would know he takes the headphones on and off throughout. He doesn't have them on. He's looking at a book. I'm looking at the Bible. Thank you. Not just a book. It's the book. Can't disagree with you there, sir. How many people actually live by them? Anyway, now did you notice in that exchange with the judge herself a professor Christian? That when the judge acknowledged the authority of the word of God, the authority of the Bible, Daryl Brooks mocked her under his breath. This was a common event throughout this monthlong trial. Daryl Brooks regularly and repeatedly and demonstrably showed disrespect for the court, disrespect for the proceedings, disrespect for the prosecution and at times disrespect for the witnesses, including the witnesses he himself called. This, again, was an ongoing occurrence in the trial. I think the judge and the prosecution showed a great deal of patience and restraint in dealing with this very arrogant and I think self deluded man. Sir, I'm contemplating putting an hour time limit on closing arguments.

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