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E. exes Brad Ford says it shows there's a larger problem than previously reported Morgan state university look to the overall number of people who are homeless we estimate that thirty eight thousand people experienced homelessness and twenty seventeen PS your research MRS is about us as one hundred seven thousand people were at risk of being homeless they found solving the problem would cost between two point six and four billion dollars over the next ten years an investigation continues into a shooting that hurt a man in southeast Portland police say he was shot about ten o'clock last night in the neighborhood office southeast fifty first in Gladstone he was rushed to a hospital where doctors say he's expected to survive the portal public school district nearly lost two point nine million dollars to a contractor's fraud your guardian reports the fraudster submitted fake documents with their account number fortunately the fraud was stopped for the money was removed by the suspects the FBI help get it back the two employees who approved that spending our on paid leave during the investigation and once they return they'll go through fraud training the drop in gas prices is slowing triple A.'s Marie Dodd says it's because more vehicles are on the roads summer may be winding down but gasoline demand in the US is soaring to new heights at nearly ten million barrels per day the national average dropped three cents to two sixty one a gallon Oregon's average fell two pennies to three oh seven dot says prices should continue to drop after Labor Day when the kids return to school but if you're headed to the beach this week you'll want to stay out of the water at the D. river beach in Lincoln city until further notice an Oregon health authority advisory substantial elevated levels of fecal bacteria in the ocean water that can make people sick especially kids in the.

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