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That's what we have my epidemic no knows similar my high school um and it was it was tough it was tough because we were like it felt like a bunch of misfits you know six months out of the year and in the spring musical comes along and all the cool kids are suddenly gabar parents are going mco orangeish in order to get the leaves and it will take all of us rigiously stewing in the back doing some painting nondraft said yang pretending know how to use a hammer right look at us now though if you look at us back hometown it city are actual birthday it is yeah happy birthday thanks house there how's it going so far you know do you enjoy your birthday i don't hate it i mean uh as far as like a day them being celebrated ours because i'm a dead another game older adding which one i feel like i actually kind of i'm forty two i just turned 42 and i i really embrace the getting older part because i feel like i look really fucking good for forty two yeah and like i work out in like i try and stay in good shape and i feel i feel good like that part of mike i'm not going to upset about like i always so my parents getting so upset about their birthdays and even now like did they never want to celebrate them want acknowledge i'm like it's happening whether you like it or not like why not like make a day out of thirty eight is not unlike having a whole lot of attention on me and that's where it is like someone who's an actor but i i just i am so with you which is such a fucked up thing for me to say because they like i go downstairs to rehearse whatever into your listeners where sitting in addressing am and with jesse taylor for their caseri aggressive massage there in a very aggressive beside.

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